Whether your work premises are small or large, your business must continually strive to improve its space and the way it is used. The use of space can improve the room’s overall look and even solve any issues with needing to expand or move. From moving desks around to improving storage facilities, you can easily create a more streamlined and organised place of work.

Storage is often seen as an afterthought, as the priorities are on equipment such as desks and chairs for employees, but it could help you make better use of the space you have to hand. Storage should never be overlooked when considering the needs of your business, and the proper storage solutions can make all the difference.

If you’ve not considered investing in new storage solutions for your business, don’t put it off any longer. Here, worXmart take a look at just three types of storage that could work wonders for your office space.

Shelving Systems

Having a shelving system in place is a great place to start, and it can help you create a substantial storage solution with a high-quality design that looks great and offers practical benefits. The right shelving system can provide you with greater versatility than a standard shelving unit, with a range of different sized spaces and shelving options. This can help you create variable storage space for various items and often comes with accessories such as dividers.

This type of shelving system can help you achieve a tidy storage solution, with everything in plain view and easy to find. Ensure you install your shelving solution carefully and adequately and consider any safety regulations so that your shelves don’t end up causing any accidents or posing a risk to staff.

Picking Bins

Running a busy warehouse or factory workshop often means you will benefit from a storage solution that works for smaller items, as it can keep everything in one place, so you know exactly where to find them. Picking bins can be interlocked and stacked, giving you a set of containers to use as a sturdy storage solution. Picking bins are affordable and easy to use. One of the most significant advantages of quality picking bins is that you can configure them in a way that works for you. What’s more, should your needs change, you can either add more or take some away. In a fast-paced workspace where things are constantly changing, this is a convenient feature.

From small parts to more oversized items, picking bins can be used to sort and organise different items so that when it comes to finding things, it’s never been easier.


Whilst there is something convenient about having things on display on shelves or even in storage bins, there can be times when hiding everything away is the best solution of all. Good quality storage cupboards offer the best of both worlds. They have internal shelves that allow you to stack everything neatly to see what you need at a glance and doors that you can close and hide it all away. In a streamlined office where you want to keep clutter to a minimum, cupboards are a fantastic solution.

Whatever storage solutions you end up purchasing, careful consideration of your storage needs is a crucial part of the buying process. That way, you can ensure that not only will your storage solutions work for you in the short-term, but in the long-term too.

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