Our feet are a complicated structure considering the fact they comprise hundreds of muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and of course 26 bones. It is no surprise that your feet can support and balance the entire body weight. Fortunately, today we can have custom orthotics to improve our overall wellbeing and make our life easier than ever. While you may experience discomfort or imbalances at one time or another, it can be due to walking, running, or having an inactive lifestyle. Wearing foot orthotics can give you a pain-free experience and help in relieving many painful conditions from arthritis to plantar fasciitis. Let’s get started!

1. Effective & Efficient

Custom orthotics function efficiently compared to prefabricated foot orthotics. The prefabricated insoles are designed considering the size of the shoes, they may not be a perfect fit for your feet. If they won’t fit your feet, they are unlikely to provide pain relief. Here’s how the custom option works better.

  • Fit your feet correctly
  • Designed for the specific medical condition
  • Made according to the limb length and other required measurements

2. Improved Foot Support

As we have mentioned above, feet are complex structures and therefore they truly deserve your care and attention. Since they bear a lot of weight all the time, it’s important to provide them with supreme support for effective functioning. The custom orthotics make for a solid foundation to support your feet ensuring you live an active lifestyle.

3. Reduced Pain

Any misalignment in the foot structure can result in painful conditions such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, etc. The pain can affect the rest of the body and the overall functioning. The condition occurs commonly due to increased strain or stress on the lower back, ankles, and knees. Well, custom orthotics can help in easing pain arising because of biomechanical misalignments. They can significantly contribute to promoting healing and prevent any further strain. If you are experiencing diabetes that may lead to foot ulcers, choosing custom orthotics can help.

4. Prevent Foot Abnormalities

While the generic shoe inserts come with added cushioning, they can make you feel comfortable but cannot help you with any foot abnormalities. On the other hand, custom foot orthotics can do wonders when it comes to treating foot abnormalities especially if you are experiencing any pronation or high arches. At the same time, they help in restoring balance and prevent the condition from getting worse.

5. Balance & Stability

When getting your custom Orthotics in Austin, expect tremendous support throughout the feet leading to improved stability. These insoles offer extra support ensuring balance so you don’t feel any discomfort. Get ready to walk, run or perform any other activity for hours on the go without hurting your feet or feel uncomfortable.

6. Around-The-Clock Comfort

The custom orthotics are typically designed using 3D technology that guarantees a flawless fit for your shoes. On the contrary, if the insole is not perfectly designed to fit the foot, you will soon experience discomfort when walking, jogging, or running even at a reasonable distance. Well, that not the case with custom options available. Expect utmost comfort whether you are wearing them for the very first time or multiple times.

7. Increases Back, Knee, & Ankle Health

Since your back, knees, and ankles largely depend on your feet for proper alignment, your foot health has significant importance for improved health and mobility. Any foot problems can result in pain and limit the mobility of your muscles, tendons, and joints that can be no less than a nightmare. This can further result in soft tissue injury or any inappropriate bony structures. The proper foot alignment can prevent any back, ankle, or knee pain.

8. No More Injury Risk

Injuries can be problematic and can affect our routine lifestyle and activities. Custom orthotics can significantly contribute to preventing injuries. They help in improving the ability of tissues to tolerate the load and minimize the risk of any injury. On the other hand, if you are already experiencing an injury your doctor will guide you on how orthotics can contribute to your wellbeing, alleviate the injury and prevent it to get poorer.

9. Correct Pronation

If you are performing heavy-duty workouts or any other physically intensive activities, there is a likelihood of over-pronation to some extent. The condition of pronation occurs when the distorted arch lets the ankle enter the midline of the body. On the other hand, over-pronation occurs in case of major foot impacts such as a lot of weight or rolling transferring to the inner side of the feet.

This can lead to poor foot positioning or misalignment. Whereas in under pronation, the foot is not as compressed as required. Consequently, the heel comes in contact with the ground in an unnatural way affecting the normal shock absorption. Whether you are experiencing over-pronation or under pronation, the conditions can result in further issues such as knee injury or fractures. Orthotics can absolutely help in improving these conditions.

10. Fixes Supination

The condition happens when your feet move outward as you walk around. This exerts stress and weight all across the heel ball. Supination results in many other conditions as well such as plantar fasciitis, ankle instability, fat pad atrophy, etc. You are more likely to be recommended supination-specific insoles to minimize the strain and correct the problem.

Wrapping Up

While your feet may seem like smaller structures of the body, but their functionality has a greater impact on your wellbeing. From supporting your feet to improved balance and mobility, these are some of the most important functions that cannot be simply overlooked. In case there is any instability, discomfort, or pain in the foot, it can lead to many other less or more intense foot conditions. To fight against this, custom orthotics make for an effective choice to improve foot functionality and help you stay comfortable. For any queries regarding custom orthotics, feel free to write to us in the comment section below.

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