Moving across the state or country can be quite worrisome, especially if you haven’t decided how you are going to transport your vehicle.  Either by driving it yourself or hiring the services of professional car transportation.

You will need to figure out how to squeeze all your things into your vehicle without damaging your car or things.  The following 10 helpful tips will enlighten you on how best to pack a car for moving:

First, Sort Out Your Items

To pack your vehicle for a move, sorting out your items is the very first step to take. This sorting-out process allows you to pack only the essential things while the rest of your items can be transported by your moving company.

The most reasonable time to sort out the things you will be packing in your vehicle is when you are carrying out a home inventory task.

Ascertain What You Will Pack In The Car

It can be pretty confusing to ascertain the type of items to pack in the car when preparing to move. Here are a few tricks that can help you in deciding what to choose:

  • Essential Boxes: An essential box is meant to be kept with you at all times in case of urgency. An essential box entails a first aid kit, snacks, drinks, and toys when traveling with kids.
  • Small Electronics: It is imperative to pack your smaller electronics because they are fragile and won’t take up too much space in your vehicle. Unlike bigger electronics such as flat television which won’t be able to fit in properly and can make your passengers uncomfortable.

Avoid Packing Dangerous Items In The Car

Avoid packing any harmful items in your car before taking the road trip. You and your passengers must remain safe from the beginning of the journey till the end of the journey.

Avoid items that are corrosive, flammable, or explosive on your trip.

Be Prudent As To What You Buy Before You Move

Remember that it is essential to optimize the space in your vehicle when packing your car; hence it is wise to avoid extra load. In other words, be prudent in buying what you will take along with you.

When you are packing your items onto your vehicle, stop buying new items unless your car is spacious enough to let it fit without inconveniencing your passengers.

Ensure Your Car Is Properly Cleaned Before The Move

Another way to ensure packing your vehicle for moving is to remove excess items from the inside of your vehicle. It will amuse you to know that there is tons of stuff in your car that can hinder your packing options.

After you have rid your vehicle of excess items, clean the interior with a handheld vacuum cleaner so that you and your passengers can enjoy a fascinating road trip in a clean car.

Acquire An Overhead Carrier

If you desire to pack excess items and your car is relatively small, you should opt for an overhead carrier.

An overhead carrier will come in handy for you and will enable you to transport a lot of items.

Avert The Use Of Large Cardboard Boxes

Wherever you see people moving in or out, you are bound to find large cardboard boxes there. They are great tools for arranging items for moving.

Large cardboard boxes cannot fit in your vehicle; that is why you should avoid them. Instead, you can move your items out of them into your vehicle.

Utilize Plastic Bags For Clothes & Beddings

This is also another excellent way of packing your vehicle for moving. Plastic bags are quite flexible; hence they can be used in packing your clothes and squeezed into fairly tight places in your vehicle. However, you can’t apply it to all types of clothes. For those that can’t be squeezed in this manner, you can add them to the remaining belongings that will be moved by a moving company.

Vacuum storage bags and garbage bags are flexible as well and can also be used to shrink bedding to fit in tight places in the car.

Utilize All Hidden Spaces In Your Car

Another way to best pack a car for moving is to utilize all the hidden spaces in the vehicle.

The car has several hidden spaces that can be used to pack your items ranging from the trunk to the passenger’s footwells. While at it, also remember to optimize those spaces in such a way that your passengers will not be in discomfort.

Ensure Your Car Is Balanced

It is very vital to understand that your vehicle needs to be packed appropriately for moving because it can cause a surge in your fuel efficiency and also allow you to enjoy a smooth ride with your passengers. Hence, when packing your items into the vehicle, ensure that you distribute the heavier items fairly throughout the car to balance the vehicle once you start the trip.

Ensure That Your Car Window Is Clear

As much as you are trying to stuff the vehicle with all your essential items, don’t also forget to keep your windows clear ( don’t cram the windows with your stuff), most especially the back window, so that the driver can have a clear view of what they are driving. The same thing also applies to the side windows. All of these are to ensure the safety of everyone in the vehicle to prevent an accident from occurring.

Packing Efficiently

Knowing what to and what not to pack in your car could make all the difference between when you’re moving. Hence, following some of the earlier discussed tips on packing your vehicle for a move will go a long way in improving your moving experience.

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