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For some, the most inspiring and creative thoughts emerge under the dense steam of warm waters. Shower enclosures are the most peaceful place to take a soothing bath and ponder upon innovative ideas.

While aesthetically appealing shower enclosures can kindle your thoughts, they are better known to reward you with a total bathroom makeover. They are available in various designs, and you can always find the one suiting your lifestyle.

If you are searching for the latest designs of shower enclosures, you are in the right place. We have accumulated the ten best refreshing ideas for shower enclosures that will help you get an elegant makeover of your bathroom space.

1. Marble Shower With Frameless Glass Enclosures

Do you want a simple and clean makeover for your bathroom?

Well, you must not give a second thought while selecting a frameless glass enclosure. These beautiful enclosures are known to provide a refreshing feel to your bathroom. Marble shower enclosures with frameless glasses are designed in a way that they magnify your bath area.

While they create an open, airy feeling, the privacy window allows you to bath under natural light. It has a handy built-in bench that offers you an incredibly relaxing experience while basking in the steam. When combined with marble tiles, frameless glass enclosures reward you with a graceful makeover for your bathroom.

2. Aluminum & Glass Shower Enclosure

This industrial-inspired shower enclosure is bound to bring attention to your shower space. The glass shower enclosure is partitioned into multiple window panes and looks terrific when paired with marble tile walls and floorings. Also, you don’t need to install any additional lighting over the shower. These aluminum and glass enclosures take advantage of natural and overhead light in your bath area.

3. Boho Bathroom With Geometric Tiles

These aesthetically appealing shower enclosures allow the emission of natural light via a privacy window. There isn’t any threshold to stem over as the marble floor slopes down directly into the shower. The framed glass walls come with a sliding door that separates the shower from the tub area.

Tip: Combine the matte black shower and tub fixtures with gorgeous geometric tiles for a striking appearance.

4. Dual Entrance Enclosures

While single door enclosures are always in trend, there isn’t any compulsion to get one for your bath area. A dual entrance shower enclosure can be an excellent option if you love experimenting with innovative designs. The advantages of a double entrance enclosure are two folds. One, it eliminates the need for a solid door. Secondly, it makes your bathroom look larger. Bathrooms with a decent height are ideally suited to have these dual entrance enclosures.

5. Textured Glass Enclosures

If you are tired of those plain glass doors, textured glass shower enclosures can help you refurbish your bath area. They are known to give a see-through effect without completely blurring out the shower area. You always have the liberty to choose the texture of your choice and enhance your bath area’s aesthetics.

6. Sliding Enclosures

It’s okay if you don’t have room for the swinging door of a shower enclosure. The sliding enclosure can be a practical and space-savvy addition to your bath area. These doors can be customized into any style you want and fit in any given space in your bathroom. They are a great way to flaunt your bath area to your visitors. What more? Sliding enclosures also come with a cost-savvy option of partially frameless doors that give you an airy look!

7. Glass Block Shower Enclosures

Glass block enclosures eliminate the need for a door in your bath area. They come with textured patterns on each block, which makes them quite versatile for all kinds of bathroom designs. While you may fall short of the ideas for glass block enclosures that you need, you will never run out of the variety of options you will have on offer. Once you have decided to have them, be rest assured of a clean and elegant makeover of your bathing space.

8. Framed Enclosures

Are you still a fan of old school designs?

Well, framed enclosures are surely what you must be looking for! While these shower enclosures prevent the water from leaking out of the bath area, they are not far behind other enclosures in enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your bathing space. Framed enclosures are stylish, beautiful, and affordable at the same time.

Tip: You can try a chrome finish instead of polished brass to give your bathroom a clean and simplistic makeover.

9. Tile & Glass Enclosures

If you are looking to try something different, team up your frameless glass doors with tiled walls. The combination of tile and glass doors will give your bath area a fresh and open look. You will find that the bathroom looks much larger than it is. It allows plenty of natural light to come in and rewards you with the most soothing bathing experience.

Tip: If you need to experiment a bit more, you can use a darker tile and rippled glass.

10. No Shower Enclosures

Some bath spaces do just fine without any shower enclosure. Open shower separated by a tilted wall gives your bath area a feeling of vastness and unity.

You can try out a polished brick to design your shower area to give it a rugged, outdoorsy effect to your washroom. When a grey enclosure combines the patterned, colored floor tiles, you are rewarded with a dynamic setting in your bath area.

Things You Must Keep In Mind!

While shower enclosures are a great way to give your bathroom a luxurious touch, you must keep certain points in mind before having them.

  • You must be able to visualize how your bathroom would look like once the makeover is done.
  • The position of doors and windows matter. See that you position them in the right direction.
  • Visualize the obstructions like toilet, sink, etc. around your shower enclosures.
  • Determine your budget.

Once you have done all the analysis, you are good to go!

We hope this blog helps you find the shower enclosure suiting your needs and lifestyle!

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