This article describes a cannibalistic murder incident initiated by two strangers who had a conversation over the Zambian Meat Website.

Have you ever heard of someone killing someone and eating body parts due to a despicable act? This horrifying incident took place on November 4, 2012, and a detective from Germany was arrested for committing such a cannibalistic murder. The victim’s body parts were found buried in his home garden. Keep reading the article to know more about the case.

What Is The Zambian Meat Website?

Zambian Meat Site is the decision forum where people with the same mindset share their cannibalistic & intimate fanatics with each other. It is a website where individuals find murder patterns or predators.

Key Findings

This horrible incident took place in Germany. The criminal named Detlev G, aged 55 years old. According to the police, the document victim was older than Detlev, aged 59 years old. They met on a chatting cannibalistic Website: Zambian Meat.

After evaluation, it was found that this forum provides intimate torture for sadomasochists. Police discover messages and e-mails shared between Detlev and the victim.

The URL of the Zambian Meat Website is not active now. All the information shared is from online sources.

Missing Links

There are many mysteries yet to be resolved. For instance, Detlev hasn’t told the motive behind the brutal murder case. The police department did not disclose the victim’s identity. Also, the Zambian Meat Website URL was not disclosed by the police department.

The Arrest Of Detlev

Detlev served in the forensics department of Saxony’s state office of criminal investigation when he was arrested on November 11, 2013. Detlev’s colleagues were also very shocked when the whole case of the Zambian Meat Website happened, as he served as detectives for the police department.

Timeline Of The Incident   

Detelev and the victim met at the Dresden railway station and went to a restaurant for breakfast close to the Czech border on November 4. Then both of them went to Detlev’s guesthouse located in Ore Mounties. The police believe that Detlev had tortured the victim there before burying him in the garden of his guesthouse.


According to the online reports, a Dresden court convicted Detlev guilty of murder and sentenced him to eight years and seven months in jail on December 13, 2016.

The prosecution requests life imprisonment. Detlev’s evidence that the victim had intended to die makes it impossible to rule out the possibility that the victim had suicidal tendencies. Additionally, the prosecution requested to ban the Zambian Meat Website.

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