Kerala is one of the most serene tourist destinations in India. Kerala Tour Packages has a lot to offer to those who visit it, and there are many ways of enjoying your trip. From taking a walk through the jungles or beaches to visiting different temples and churches, etc., there are so many things you can do while on your Kerala trip. You can also go on Kerala trips with companies that organize trips to Kerala or organize your itinerary by yourself if you want to enjoy more freedom while traveling in this beautiful place.


There are many ways to find accommodation in Kerala. If you are traveling as a group, it is best to book your stay through a travel agent or an online booking platform. You can also approach hotels directly and negotiate the price with them if they are willing to reduce their rates. When looking for accommodation, make sure that the room has all amenities so that you can use these while traveling around Kerala using public transport or taxis while on vacationing at some of these places like Munnar National Park, etc.


Transportation in Kerala is well connected by road, rail, and air. Kerala has a good network of roads. There is also an expressway between making it perfect for tourists who want to visit places within one day trip before returning home again.


Food is a big part of the culture in Kerala. A lot of people from all over India come to visit this state because they want to taste authentic foods, especially seafood. The most popular dishes are fish curry and chicken curry, which are made with spices like turmeric or chili powder. There are also plenty of vegetable curries like potato and coconut milk-based ones as well as rice recipes for breakfast or lunchtime snacks. The people of Kerala are also known for their love of sweet things, and there are plenty of desserts to choose from. The most popular ones include payasam, a rice pudding with raisins and almonds; kheer, a rice pudding made with milk and sugar; and banana chips, which are deep-fried slices of banana dipped in sugar syrup.

Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions in Kerala:

  • Famous tourist destinations include the cosmopolitan culture of Cochin.
  • You can also explore the Mattupetty Dam, Echo Point, and Eravikulam National Park; moreover, there are many places to visit nearby as well.
  • When it comes down to your preferred time frame—the best season is during October/November when temperatures are cooler but not cold (which makes it ideal for travel) while March/April offers pleasant weather conditions with plenty of sunlight throughout most days so you’ll feel like you’re walking around outside all day long without even breaking out into sweat once.

Safety Measures

The first step to a safe trip is knowing what to do when you’re in Kerala.

  • Don’t forget that uncertain possibility may occur, so don’t leave valuables in your hotel room.
  • Be careful of pickpockets at public places like bus stops and markets, especially when people are coming and going quickly.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car. Make sure that all of your bags are locked up tight when parked outside of buildings or hotels; also make sure that no one can see inside before leaving them unattended because this will help protect against theft as well.

Keep These Things In Mind For A Trip To Kerala

Don’t forget to keep these things in mind for a Kerala trip. It is a safe place to visit. The state has many tourist attractions like a wildlife sanctuary, Munnar and other hill stations, beaches, churches, and mosques. You will also find lots of wildlife sanctuaries where you can see elephants, leopards, and other animals roaming free in their natural habitat. There are plenty of waterfalls as well as lakes where you can enjoy yourself by swimming or just relaxing in the shade under trees while taking pictures with your family members or friends.


Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It has everything you need to make a trip memorable, including beaches and waterfalls. We hope this article has helped you prepare for your next Kerala Trip.

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