You must have heard at least once that the French capital is beautiful from everywhere. Indeed, it is because the city has been the center of history for so long. So, you can expect everything here from spell-bounding landmarks and buildings with the most aesthetical Roman architecture to good food and amazing themed cafes, pastry shops, and bookshops- a really good companion to solo travelers.  

Paris is a visual feast for tourists with many spots, great for spending holidays and rejuvenating. But travelers usually search for some off-beat and out-of-the-box experiences, right? Luckily, magical Paris has all of it. So how about discovering a never-imagined and unique facet of this city? Let’s Explore some hidden gem spots of the French capital to amaze yourself with its eternal best-kept beauty.   

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Here’s our guide to some best-kept secrets of Paris.  

Paris: A Visual Feast With Unlimited Hidden Gems To Blow Travelers’ Mind  

Dalida Square  

Have you seen “Emily in Paris”? Then you must have witnessed the world’s most beautiful street. Get away from huge tourist crowds and city hustle and enjoy the serene views of Dalida Square in Montmartre.  

You can easily head there as it lies at the intersection of rue de I’Abreuvoir. It is a great visual retreat, holding tree-lined alleys and some classic buildings. Dalida Square is a pleasure to experience either in winter or summer.  

The Paris Plages  

Paris changes its colors with varying seasons; isn’t that amazing? When summer hits and heat waves descend, Paris greets it with The Paris Plages- Paris Beaches. You will see crowds of tourists swapped by ice-cream sellers, treats, and gigs on the banks of sandy beaches, which create the best Seine-side holiday.  

Grasp a chair, or go for some water sports like kayaking.  

Paris’ Clignancourt Flea Market  

Not any usual market, but Clingnancourt is a historical market of Paris and the second largest in the entire content of Europe. It’s a huge bazaar comprising more than 2,000 shopping stalls, where you can get everything, you wish, including designer clothes, cute pets, books, some old records and lots of delicious food.  

You must check out their classy collection of antiques and décor items.  

La passage de I’Ancre  

It’s a charming passage with lots of greenery around, and you will be astonished to see that every different store or shop here is painted in distinct vibrant color. Various potted plants make this place perfect for a stroll.   

The Catacombs Of Paris  

How about walking through the ancient history of Paris in not-so-romantic catacombs? Did you know these catacombs were initially quarries? But later turned into a Cemetry in 1810 on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

It is made with floor-to-ceiling patterns of long bones and skulls and doesn’t seem as if the ground’s use as burial land ceased in the middle of the 20th CE.   

Dodo Manege  

It’s a one-of-a-kind carousel with all the extinct and endangered animals like Dodo and panda, which are available to ride upon. The unique Parisian carousel was created in 1992 next to the National History Museum.   

Let’s Summarize: What’s More?  

Paris is amazing, and so are its hidden gems, which won’t fail to blow your mind when you experience them for real. For example, you can visit Square Rapp to get a clear view of the Eiffel Tower and to see it upfront in silence for as long as you want.  

Have you listened to the French story of a man who used to pass through walls? Then you can see it too, roam around La Passe- Muraille to discover how famous stories are made.  

So, you see, Paris is an eternal beauty wrapped within many fascinating stories full of old-time romance and withholds unlimited unexplored secret tourist spots. 

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