In the world of online shopping, convenience often comes hand in hand with caution., also known as Vigonts, is one such platform that has garnered attention for its enticing deals on clothing items like suits, midi dresses, and pants. However, a deeper look into the site’s offerings and operations reveals concerning aspects that consumers should be aware of before engaging in transactions. This article aims to explore the Vigonts com website, shedding light on its features, drawbacks, and potential risks.


At first glance, appears to be a hub of unbeatable discounts, making it alluring for bargain hunters. The website boasts an array of products at unbelievably low prices, creating a sense of excitement for potential customers. However, a closer examination uncovers several red flags that raise questions about the store’s legitimacy.

Essential Information About Vigonts com

  • Website URL:
  • Business Address: Not provided
  • Phone Number: Not available
  • Payment Method: Credit/Debit Card
  • Registration Date: March 30, 2023
  • Product Range: Diverse items, including clothing
  • Order Cancellation: Possible before shipping or production
  • Returns Policy: Accepts returns within 14 days of receipt
  • Refunds Policy: Issued upon inspection of returned items
  • Shipping Policy: Offers free shipping for orders over £40

Exploring Negative Aspects Of The Website

Missing Address

One of the most prominent issues with Vigonts is the absence of a physical business address. This lack of transparency highlights concerns about the credibility of the platform. Without a clear point of contact, customers might face difficulties when attempting to return items or resolve issues related to their purchases.

Communication Breakdown

Customer support is a cornerstone of reliable online shopping experiences. Unfortunately, seems to fall short in this department. The email address for support queries stated on the website is non-functional, and no phone number is available for customers to reach out for assistance. This communication void leaves consumers stranded without a reliable channel to seek help or clarification.

Too Good To Be True Discounts’s discounted prices seem like a dream come true, but they might just be too good to be true. The website’s substantial discount margins raise eyebrows, as such hefty reductions are often used as bait to attract unsuspecting buyers. Legitimate stores usually maintain a balance between competitive pricing and realistic discounts, making Vigonts.’s offerings appear suspicious.

A Security Gap

Cybersecurity is of paramount importance when it comes to online shopping. Unfortunately, Vigonts com does not seem to prioritize this aspect. The absence of security measures such as McAfee or Norton leaves the website vulnerable to potential breaches, jeopardizing customers’ personal and financial information. This deficiency could expose shoppers to the risk of data theft or unauthorized access.

Navigating The Murky Waters

While Vigonts claims to offer a diverse range of products and attractive deals, the lack of transparency and security concerns overshadow these promises. The website’s legitimacy is questionable due to its unverifiable claims and worrisome practices. Engaging with this platform might lead to unfortunate outcomes, including receiving subpar items, encountering overcharged fees, or even falling victim to credit card fraud.

Unveiling The Scam

In conclusion, presents itself as a tempting destination for budget-friendly shopping, but appearances can be deceiving. The lack of essential information, non-existent customer support, unrealistic discounts, and inadequate security measures collectively paint a concerning picture. For those looking to engage in safe and secure online shopping, Vigonts might not be the ideal choice.

Staying Safe In The Online Shopping Realm

Navigating the online shopping landscape safely requires vigilance. To discern trustworthy sites from potential scams, consider these steps: Validate the domain’s age through tools like, cross-check provided return addresses on Google Maps, rely on authentic customer reviews, and confirm the functionality of social media icons for a comprehensive assessment.

Final Word

In the case of, appearances can be deceiving. While the allure of discounted prices may tempt online shoppers, the lack of transparency, non-existent customer support, and inadequate security measures raise significant concerns. Vigilance is paramount when navigating the online shopping landscape. As consumers, we must scrutinize websites for authenticity by assessing domain age, reviews, and social media presence. Remember, the convenience of online shopping should never come at the cost of your security and well-being.


Is a genuine store? raises concerns due to lacking business address, non-functional customer support, and unrealistic discounts.

How secure is lacks essential security measures, putting customers’ personal and financial details at risk.

Can PayPal guarantee safety on

While PayPal offers some security, reveals a potential flaw where scammers exploit tracking numbers.

How to identify scam websites?

Evaluate domain age, check for real physical locations, scrutinize customer reviews, and verify social media presence to detect potential scams.

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