Modern life is full of different opportunities. We can travel around the world, visit many historical places, and exchange information with the whole world with the help of Internet sources. The picture of nowadays looks so perfect, doesn’t it? Isn’t everything excellent? Let’s think about it and find the answer. TV programs are showing only the best landscape’s sights, while the poorness, poverty, and hunger are still part of it. People don’t have enough food, they cannot provide good living conditions for their children. The lack of vacancies provides unemployment. As a result, they are starting to look for jobs in other countries. This action is called “labor migration”.

The movement of able-bodied people for employment is getting more and more popular. It has a lot of types, which depend on the job seeker’s reason. But the main cause of it

is the desire to earn enough money. According to the latest research, one of the most frequent migrations was done by Indians. As for worldwide information, and due to the UW Development Program, the Indian Diaspora is the second one, after the Chinese. It has more than 25 million people. They are mostly living in the UAE or Qatar. To look more closely, you see the article on the Internet about one of them: ”Qatar has reached the 1st place of GDP on a per capita 102800 $”, in the case of its oil and gas industry “It is the reason for the amount of free and well-paid vacancies”. That is why many Indians are arriving on this landscape for work searching.

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Have you ever heard about Qatar? If you answer in negative: it is a predictable variant. Looking at its previous history, we cannot find any information about luxury life, cool parties, and so on. Only during the last few years has the situation changed so quickly. This small period was needed to build the world’s largest gas processing plant in the middle of the desert. It causes the next increase in payment, life conditions, and so on. Moreover, free education, medicine, electricity, and even funerals have no incoming taxes and one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the world. This Arabian desert is not only for the Qataris themselves but also for hundreds of thousands of Indian migrants. The percentage of employed migrants in various spheres of the economy exceeds 92%. There is a well-established mechanism for hiring people from other countries. Getting a job here doesn’t need a lot of effort. You have to find an employer, get a contract with a company, open a work visa, and a permit. Here “you’re welcome”. Qatar’s industry is going to meet you with a good salary. It is usually about 2000 $ per month. Of course, everything depends on the job type, education, and your skills.

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Working in this country can feel like a never-ending vacation. The sun shines year-round, and pristine beaches beckon all. Many Indians have already made it their permanent home, enticed by the incredible opportunities it offers, especially in the IT sector, which has been steadily on the rise. But what’s behind this popularity? The answer is straightforward. Firstly, jobs come with higher salaries compared to other sectors. Secondly, they aren’t tied to specializations that might become obsolete in the next decade—an issue prevalent across various industries, from banking to manufacturing. Here, anyone can explore the world of programming and find a job on Layboard to embark on a prosperous career path. The reason is in practice. Just spend 400-500 hours writing a code and you’ll be closer to the specialist, who can choose the various job types, which are provided in find a job abroad. We have prepared some of them:

Product Manager

This is the most highly-paid IT profession. Their help is needed in every sector of economics. They provide to manage the temperature parameters of each product and then they control product development. Have you decided to try yourself in this field? Why not? The requirements aren’t so excessive. Your task is to know how to work with Jira or Asana, and have strong analytical skills.

A Software Architect

The next position of the best tech professions is taking modeling of program files. It sounds very strange. But, if you look more closely, you will say: “It isn’t so difficult and even it is a very useful skill”. Working as a software architect includes the assurance that streamlines the development process by making design choices and dictating technical standards, such as code writing on creating different platforms. Their role is to determine the customer’s requirements and perform practical work on the development of prototypes. It is important to know about the creation process of the informational files.

Specialist In The Study Industry

Without this job, we won’t have verification information. This specialist analyzes and interprets complex information from many Internet sources to help organizations make more effective and timely decisions. In this case, the employer can be sure about the certainty of company information. This profession is needed in all branches and sections of the economy. As the statistics show, the number of the analysis specialist has been increasing by 29%  since 2009. It is still increasing year-on-year. Moreover, the demand for data workers has reached 344% since 2013. This number is going to be higher in the next few years.

The list of these professions can be continued indefinitely. These jobs provided a lot of opportunities for additional or main income for well-educated Indian citizens. They can help Qatar’s industry to build a successful future.


As we can see, programming files or projects is a very needed skill. It is getting popular quickly and rapidly. Moreover, it is a promising occupation, which can become a constant job. This sphere allows you to create your projects by sharing a person’s originative, and, at the same time, you always have a well-paid salary. Don’t waste your time! Start your programming path today!

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