Wanting to live in luxury is a universal dream, but of course, nobody’s dream looks the same. For some people, it’s about rich materials and wonderful textures, for some luxury looks like a clean, modern, chic aesthetic; some prefer maximalism whilst some favour minimalism. The list could go on forever, but the point is, you aren’t wrong about what makes you feel good – trust your feelings.

Making Your Space Feel & Look Luxury

Luxury is defined as a state of ease, comfort, and abundance, having or doing things that bring joy, peace and calm. Because it’s all about you and what makes you feel luxurious, there’s huge scope for what a manifest luxury aesthetic can be. Sure, there’s elegance and class in any luxury setting, but who’s to decide what that looks like? And if you’re interested in getting yourself some professional support then consider a luxury interior designer!

Of course, the designs centre around your vision and the things you’ve dreamed of, but there are so many options and choices that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In all likelihood, you probably have some concepts of areas, pieces or features that are your luxury, but putting together a cohesive design is unbelievably hard. We’ve put together some recommendations for things that easily elevate any space.

Top 7 Recommendations To Make Your Space Look Luxury

Large Framed Artwork

Art expresses your personality or your passions, as well as different kinds of emotions depending on the piece. There’s a huge diversity of artwork available, whether you prefer small and poignant or big and impactful, there’s no limit to adding a classy feature of interest to any room. In fact, you can even commission a local artist to produce a piece just for you – what’s classier than individualism?

Artistic Dining Table

A dining table is the heart of the home, where you have mealtime together, gatherings and dinner parties. The heartbeat of your home should reflect you in style, and there’s no reason a dining table needs to be uninspired – let your luxury extend to the things you use every day to bring more joy into the day-today. It’s also most likely to be the part of your home you share with others, so it’s more important than ever that you express yourself and your style in a way that makes you feel proud to show off.

Stone, Concrete, Marble, Brass

Textures create depth and interest and make design less one dimensional, which contributes to establishing a considered and elegant aesthetic. Whatever it is you want your space to look like, making use of a diverse collection of materials will add rich dimensions to the room. Material use can add colour and shine to the design, and don’t forget, some materials can be luxury in their own right.

Sophisticated Lighting

One of the lesser-known fundamentals of good design is that everything is intentionally chosen, even when it doesn’t seem it. Take lighting, for example: everything from the colour, type, style, and fixtures impacts upon the design. A luxury designer has chosen each factor carefully to enhance the aesthetic of the space, and also understands how lighting influences mood, which changes how people interact with and within the environment.

Freestanding Bathtub

A bathtub is the feature of the space, and the visual impact comes from the freestanding nature of the bath prominent in the middle of the space. Bringing with it a classical history of luxury and wealth, what this does is create a clear, defined moment for the bathtub, and more importantly, for your bath. It’s a place for you to relax surrounded by space – literally and metaphorically – and take a break from life.

All White Kitchens

White is a classic colour of angelic class and calm, that evokes peace and lends itself to maintaining cleanliness. A white environment is a stamen in itself, especially when flawlessly colour matched, and you get to choose the focal point; whether that be through size, shape or texture, it lends a considered elegance to design. Even better, it’s a beautiful canvas to dress for any season or event, which contributes to an incredible luxury aesthetic.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Made from a traditionally beautiful material, a hardwood floor is a rich, historical product. Whether you find it in your home and restore it, or have it installed, the tones it adds to a room and design are unparalleled. By nature of hardwood, it’s a practical investment, as it’s very durable, but you should take care not to scratch the floor by moving furniture, table legs or heeled shoes.


Integrating even just a few of these features our experts recommend is a sure-fire way to step into a luxury space every day. Your home should be whatever you want and need from it, and these are the steps on the way to helping you achieve your dream design!

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