There is always a rush of people and visitors during the holidays. Many stores are more packed than ever before, making it even easier for thieves to steal from businesses. There is a need for security guards to be hired during this time of year to reduce the amount of theft in stores, and utilizing a security guard company can be helpful during the holiday rush.

Here is The Importance of Hiring Security Guards for a Business During the Holidays

1. Security Guards Prevent Theft

Theft can occur any time of year, but during the holiday season, it is exceptionally high. Shoppers are more interested in getting in and out as quickly as possible and might need to remember about an item or leave a cart unattended for too long. Security guards can help monitor shoppers so that no one walks off with an un-purchased item. Some stores will even hire security to watch over employees putting gifts under the tree or doing other shopping at home during their breaks.

2. Security Guards Protect Items In Storage

Sometimes sales items need to be stored away until they go on sale after the holiday season. These items need to be kept safe and secure, meaning they will need the presence of security guards. If the storage area is not adequately secured, anyone could break in and get their hands on these items.

3. Security Guards Prevent Damage To Properties

During the holiday season, there are many deliveries made to businesses. This can make it easy for someone to tamper with packages or cause damage, costing a company more money in repair costs. When travelling over the holidays, people also tend to add extra items into their cars or truck that they would not usually carry around regularly. When these additional items shift around during travel, they can come loose and cause damage to vehicles or even injure passengers during accidents.

4. Security Guards Can Assist With Lost Children

When a child or older adult gets lost in stores during the holiday season, they can become scared and confused and begin to search for help. Security guards are trained to communicate with customers and ask questions to find out how someone arrived at where they are and how they might be able to get home safely. They can also contact loved ones if a person cannot do so and help them get back home or find a relative who can pick them up from the store.

5. Security Guards Deter Problems Before They Start

During the holiday season, there are many items that people might wish to walk off with without paying for them. These items can include priceless ornaments, decorations that are on sale, and many other seasonal items. In some cases, there might be an issue with someone taking all of the Christmas trees and decorations from outside of the store. This type of theft is hard to prevent, but a good security guard can prevent it by having an area under observation and checking people’s bags before they get in line at the checkout.

6. Security Guards Are Helpful To Shoppers

During the holiday season, there are so many people in stores that it can be hard to find an employee who is not already busy helping someone else. When someone has an item they do not want to pay for, they might go through the checkout line without paying for it. A security guard can deter this by standing near the exit and talking with customers when they walk through it.

7. Security Guards Are Helpful To Employees

During the holidays, many employees will be off from work and, therefore, cannot answer any questions from shoppers about what items are on sale or where items are located in a store. A security guard can assist them by answering their questions and directing them to whatever is needed.

8. Security Guards Are Helpful To The Holiday Spirit

People want to see a smiling face when they walk through a door or wish someone would ask them if they need assistance finding something or if they would like help putting an item in their cart. During the holidays, people become more friendly and polite. They are willing to help others and understand that they need to let others go ahead of them. Some people will not get into this spirit until after Christmas. Still, even if everyone is on their best behaviour immediately following the holiday season, it is essential for security guards to be friendly no matter how busy and crazy the store may be.


There are many reasons why it is helpful to have security guards working in stores during the holidays. If a security guard company hires only one security guard, they must work every day during the week of the holiday season to cover all days. Some of this time should be the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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