Are you among those seeking extra income? Sign in to, test top Amazon products, and get paid for it! You heard it right; you can purchase Amazon products at discounted prices and receive a stipend for providing an unbiased review in return. Amazon has developed this program to significantly improve its user experience and product quality. 

Now various websites offer you an opportunity to enroll in this program; one such website is Testerbuzz. This website has become a one-stop solution for all those hustlers seeking a subsidiary income apart from their prime earnings. 

But before you grab this opportunity, it is essential for you to examine the background of, judge its legitimacy, and distinguish it from other potential online scams.

Introduction To

Amazon hires testers as per their Vine Voices program, its an invitation-based program available for individuals who have established a track record of writing product reviews in the past. With Testerbuzz, you get direct access to Amazon products, rewards, and feedback to become an influential and trusted reviewer.

Who Is An Amazon Product Tester? 

Amazon product tester or Amazon reviewer is an individual who assesses and evaluates Amazon products and provides their genuine analysis. 

The esteemed Amazon Vine program offers the opportunity to become an Amazon product tester and is managed exclusively by Amazon. As per this program, you have the option to volunteer in the Amazon Associates program as well. After getting affiliated by Amazon, you can earn commissions by referring to Amazon products that result in successful sales.

Eligibility Criteria For Testerbuzz

The eligibility criteria is straightforward; consumers must be experienced Amazon reviewers with at least 10 verified reviews. Testerbuzz guarantees valuable opinions on the received products by ensuring reviewers’ expertise. 

To join, consumers must create a Testerbuzz profile and provide their Amazon account details, including email address, buyer ID, and review profile URL. Accepted applicants will receive products within two weeks and must leave an unbiased review on Amazon within 30 days. 

Testerbuzz rewards consistent, high-quality reviewers with extra points and coupons to incentivize detailed, honest reviews for the benefit of fellow shoppers.

Stepwise Guide To Use Testerbuzz

If you’re interested in utilizing, the process of signing in and getting started is quite simple. Follow the step-by-step instructions outlined below:

  • Begin the process by visiting the website and responding to the provided questions.
  • Proceed to enter your email address, which will undergo swift verification.
  • Fill out your personal information, including your phone number and location.
  • Complete any remaining procedure, and enjoy the opportunity to win rewards.

Pros And Cons Of Testerbuzz

We have listed pros and cons, have a look:


  • A diverse range of product categories is covered.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Comprehensive reviews with detailed analysis.
  • Opportunities for users to participate and share experiences.
  • Genuine user verification system.


  • Limited availability of products in certain regions.
  • Some reviewers may have personal biases.
  • The platform may not cover all niche markets.

Final Verdict: Is Legitimate? 

Based on our analysis, appears to be a legitimate platform for Amazon testing programs 2023. With its stringent verification process, commitment to honest reviews, and enhanced user experience, offers a reliable platform for sellers and testers alike. If you’re looking to participate in Amazon’s testing program, can be a valuable tool to connect with genuine testers and gain authentic feedback for your products. 

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