In the expansive realm of online shopping, vigilance is key to safeguarding your hard-earned money from unscrupulous websites. One such website,, or its aliases Strictlymot and Strictlymot com, should be approached with utmost caution. This review aims to shine a light on the deceptive tactics employed by, equipping you with the knowledge needed to steer clear of potential scams.

How Does The Scam Operate? portrays itself as an online store offering an extensive array of products at remarkably low prices. From Makita cordless power tools to mini tillers and more, it appears to dangle enticing deals before shoppers. However, these offers are far from genuine. Here’s a glimpse into the mechanics of this scam:

Discounts as Lure: entices unsuspecting shoppers with hefty discounts on an array of products, creating the illusion of unbelievable bargains.

Deceptive Transactions: Customers who make purchases on the site receive a debit alert and a confirmation email, creating a facade of legitimacy. However, this is where the transaction effectively ends. There are no further communications from the store, no responses to emails, and no tracking information provided.

Customer Complaints As A Warning

Numerous customers have fallen victim to the deceptive practices of, evident in a litany of complaints. Here are testimonials from individuals who’ve had frustrating experiences:

“This is a fraud website. I paid $42.20 USD for the purchase of a Vie Air 18-inch pedestal fan. Both they are fake; they cheated my $42.20 USD. Neither did they ship the product nor refund my money.” – Jennifer

“BEWARE!!! Scam site. Purchased a case of K-cups. 2 days later, the merchant charged another $9 to PayPal. Disputed the $9.00 charge and got that back. Now opening another dispute with PayPal over undelivered merchandise.” – Ken

Red Flags To Heed

Here are five compelling reasons why conducting transactions on is a perilous endeavor:

False Business Address furnishes a business address as “103401 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037,” which has been proven to be fictitious. The residents at this address have distanced themselves from the store and have lodged a police report.

Zero Customer Support

The website’s email address, “,” is nonfunctional, and attempts to reach the store via phone have been in vain.

Implausible Discounts

The discounts showcased on are implausible and excessively alluring, a ploy often employed by scam websites to lure unsuspecting shoppers.

Security Shortcomings lacks crucial security certifications such as Norton or McAfee, rendering it susceptible to potential breaches that could compromise customers’ private information.

Content Theft

The website has resorted to using stolen content, including product images pilfered from other legitimate online stores. This unethical practice is commonly associated with fraudulent websites.

Features Of Strictlymot

  • Website URL:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: Unavailable
  • Registered On: November 15, 2012
  • Payment Method: Credit and Debit Card

Is PayPal A Safe Option?

Using PayPal does not provide an ironclad guarantee of safety when transacting on Some fraudulent websites exploit a loophole within PayPal’s system by providing a tracking number unrelated to the shopper’s order, making it arduous to dispute the transaction. Thus, a cautious approach is imperative.

How To Recognize A Scam Website

Ensure your protection from online scams by strictly adhering to these guidelines:

  • Scrutinize Domain Age: You can determine the age of a website by using a domain age checker, such as
  • Validate Physical Location: To ensure the address is legitimate, conducting a Google Maps search is recommended. This will confirm whether the address is a genuine warehouse or simply a residential location.
  • Peruse Reviews: It is advisable to look for customer reviews online before making a purchase. If there are no reviews available, it may be wise to wait until more information becomes available.
  • Test Social Media Icons: Ensure that the website’s social media icons are functional and direct to the store’s authentic social media pages.

In Summary, operating under various guises, warrants extreme caution. Its duplicitous practices and an array of red flags indicate a high probability of fraudulent activities. Shoppers risk compromising their credit card details, receiving inferior or entirely dissimilar products, or even receiving nothing. If you’ve fallen prey to this or a similar fraudulent store, it’s advisable to report the incident to your bank, seek reimbursement, and request a new credit or debit card. While online shopping offers convenience, prudence, and thorough research are your greatest allies in ensuring a safe experience.

Please note that this information is intended for educational purposes only. Exercise vigilance and conduct your own due diligence when navigating the online shopping landscape.


Is it safe to shop on websites with big discounts but low reputations?

It’s risky. Websites with unbelievable discounts and minimal reputations might be scams. Verify legitimacy through reviews and research before buying.

Are websites accepting PayPal always trustworthy?

Not necessarily. While PayPal is secure, some scam sites misuse it. Prioritize research and reviews to ensure a site’s credibility.

What should I do if I suspect an online shopping scam?

Act fast:

  • Alert your bank or card company.
  • If used, dispute with PayPal.
  • Keep records of all interactions.
  • Consider reporting to authorities.
  • Request a new card to prevent future issues.

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