As an employee, few things are more important than your rights at work. You are not a slave and do not deserve to be treated as such by an employer. Your rights are the product of decades, sometimes centuries of work by strikers and legal teams. Employment law experts today are the inheritors of that legacy. They work to make sure that employees’ rights are protected and fight for them when their rights or livelihood are under assault. The following is just a taste of what the best employment lawyers in Canada can do for you.

1. Hearing You Out

There are many potential issues that may cause you to seek legal counsel from employment law experts, some of which are detailed below. Whatever the issue is, however, you’re going to want to talk to a legal team that cares. When you talk to Canada’s best experts specializing in employment law, they’ll listen to your concerns and tell you if you have a case. Talking about workplace issues can be stressful, especially if they involve harassment, so these employment law firms create a calming, trusting space where you can tell their lawyers anything.

2. Suits Regarding Unsuitable Working Conditions

No one deserves to work in conditions that are unsafe, especially in the midst of the ongoing COVID pandemic. In fact, the pandemic is reshaping the way we talk about workplace safety along with how and to what degree we consider workplaces culpable for their employees’ health. These and other questions relating to clients’ workplace conditions are best handled by a team of employment law experts. They’ll review your situation, see if the conditions provided by your company break any laws and, if so, will work with them to correct the situation. If charge does not prove forthcoming, they can potentially represent yourself and others in court as part of a group lawsuit.

3. Workplace & Sexual Harassment Suits

The conversation around sexual harassment both within the workplace and in society at large has exploded since the beginning of the #MeToo movement. That being said, it is still difficult for plaintiffs to hold those who have subjected them to sexual harassment to account. Far too often, there is a fear that the perpetrators will be able to escape justice for their actions and will then seek retribution against the plaintiffs for daring to come forward in the first place. This should not happen. The best employment law experts across Canada specializing in sexually harassed at work suits can be immensely helpful in this regard. They will work with you to bring the perpetrators to justice and help make the workplace safer for men and women of all orientations.

4. Workplace Discrimination Suits

Sexual harassment is far from the only form of discrimination that takes place in the workplace. Discriminating against someone on the basis of race, sex, orientation, religion, ethnicity, or political beliefs is against the law. Individuals and companies found to be doing this can and should face swift legal action.

5. Negotiating On Your Behalf

One of the most important services offered by employment lawyers across Canada is their ability to serve as intermediaries between labour groups and management. Canada has a long, proud history of labour movements fighting for workers’ rights. It is of the utmost importance that the gains of past generations not be lost with cuts to the services and benefits for which they fought. If anything, amidst today’s economic uncertainty and the added question marks provided by COVID, workers deserve more rights and compensation – and an employment lawyer can help you fight for them. They will help you turn your workplace and economic wants and needs into legally-binding terms and then negotiate with management or argue your case before a court. From start to finish, they will focus their efforts on fighting for you and your coworkers or union.

6. The Benefit Of Experience

When it comes to employment situations as important as any mentioned above, it’s only natural that you and your colleagues will want to turn to a team you can trust. That’s why the best employment law firms operating across Canada are proud to be able to point to decades of dedicated service helping Canadian workers achieve the compensation and justice they deserve. They will put that expertise to work for you and your coworkers in any of the above ways. Some law firms can branch out still further. For example, some employment law firms tackle human rights cases where they intersect with Canadian employment law.

There is no greater socioeconomic engine than employees working together to achieve their goals.

With the help of the best employment law experts operating at firms across Canada, you and your colleagues can get the representation you need to take your fight for justice and progress to court – and win.

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