In the world of online dealings, stands out as a bit of a mystery, enticing folks with promises of free cashback and tricky subscription scenarios. Today, we’re here to uncover what really goes on behind the scenes of We’ll be exploring the experiences of users and the concerns they’ve faced, all while focusing on the crucial need to make informed decisions. 

As users navigate the challenges of unexpected charges and the sometimes confusing cancellation process, we’re here to guide you through the straightforward steps of “ cancel subscription.” Let’s unravel the mystery together. How It Works, camouflaged as an online subscription service, preys on unsuspecting consumers post-purchase. Promising free cashback for online transactions, the site cunningly requests credit card details. Buried within minuscule terms and conditions, users unknowingly sign up for a paid service, resulting in a monthly charge of $19.00.

Victims share their experiences: “No idea I signed up, charged $19.00 on the 22nd, canceled but never got my $19.00 back.” The site pretends to be part of a supermarket’s online shopping service, capturing emails and credit cards. A deceptive $3 subscription intro leads to a $19-per-month charge, with non-functional contact options. Cancel Subscription: A Guide

Attempting to cancel through the website’s provided methods proves futile, with broken links and unresponsive contacts. To reclaim funds, consider the following steps:

  • Report Unauthorized Transactions: Notify your cardholder immediately for potential refund opportunities.
  • Close And Replace Credit Card: To prevent further charges, close the credit card and request a new one. Proactive banks, like Chase, may notify you of suspicious transactions via text, allowing prompt action.
  • Utilize Text Notifications: Enable text notifications on your bank’s website for real-time updates on transactions, enhancing future security.

How To Avoid Scam Trap

Protect yourself from falling victim to scams like by implementing these preventative measures:

  • Thoroughly Read Terms & Conditions: Scrutinize the fine print before any online agreement or purchase. Ensure the terms & conditions box is not pre-ticked.
  • Cancel Within Stipulated Timescales: If an agreement allows a limited timeframe for cancellation, act promptly to avoid unwanted charges.
  • Verify Company Legitimacy: Conduct research before providing bank details. Be wary of deceptive practices and unreliable services.
  • Keep Documentation: Save copies or screenshots of advertisements and note the webpage to aid in dispute resolution.

Conclusion On Scam’s deceptive practices serve as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilant online consumerism. By staying informed and proactive, individuals can safeguard their financial interests and contribute to the exposure of scams. Share your experiences with in the comments below and help others avoid falling into similar traps. Stay cautious, stay informed.


Is a legitimate service or a scam?, while presenting itself as a shipping and returns rebate site, has been flagged for deceptive practices, hidden fees, and challenges in cancellation, indicating potential scam characteristics.

How much does charge for its services?

According to user reports, imposes an unauthorized credit card charge of $3 for a subscription fee and an additional $19 as a monthly fee.

How can I cancel my subscription to

Canceling your subscription on can be challenging, with reported issues like broken links and unresponsive contacts on the website. Victims are encouraged to report unauthorized transactions immediately, close and replace their credit cards, and enable text notifications for proactive security measures.

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