Cannabis, as well as all its legal derivatives, represent a valid aid in the fight against psychological pathologies such as anxiety, insomnia, depression and states of stress.

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Less Stressed & More Rested With Cannabidiol-Based Products

Reducing anxiety, stress-related or depressive states is possible, even without necessarily resorting to drug therapies.

A good help can undoubtedly be represented by cannabis-based products, 100% legal and also suitable for those who prefer smoking or alternative uses. In fact, among the current trends appear electronic cigarettes, thanks to which it is possible to resort, for example, to the use of CBD e-liquid in variable concentrations, which, being completely free of THC, do not cause any psychotropic or hallucinogenic effect, but allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD fully.

Also, widely used CBD-based oils produced by the cold pressing of hemp seeds and integrated into CBD obtained from the crystals obtained through the inflorescences treated thanks to the most innovative technologies. The use of the oils takes place through sublingual intake: a few drops are sufficient to determine a pleasant sensation of relaxation and well-being, reducing states of anxiety and agitation.

For those who do not give up the ” pleasure of smoking ” given by cannabis CBD, there are many types of light marijuana, that is, deprived of THC, ready to satisfy every kind of need, offering the possibility of enjoying, in this case, the advantages of purely recreational use, aimed at regaining serenity and calm and at the expense of stress.

What Does The Science Say About CBD & Relaxation

Regarding stress states, greater efficacy was found following the use of cannabis CBD with high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (about 26%) and cannabidiol (in concentrations above 11%).

Yes, it is understood that if two simple puffs were able to immediately reduce anxiety and oppression, at least a dozen were needed to reduce stress. However, in the presence of anxiety, the most significant response in terms of beneficial effects involved women, as already reported in some studies by Cuttler in 2016, although both sexes still found a rather substantial anxiety reduction, stress and depression.

Therefore, the “false” belief linked to the beneficial effects to be attributed solely to the high percentages of THC has been denied since the Cuttler study also demonstrates the importance and decisive role played above all by CBD in enhancing the beneficial effects of the same tetrahydrocannabinol.

However, the study conducted by Cuttler revealed another important fact: it was, in fact, possible to evaluate how much the effectiveness of cannabis CBD was prolonged over time, although in the presence of symptoms related to depression, these tended to worsen with chronic use, a factor that in all likelihood, according to the researchers, it may depend on any alterations in the Cbr1 cannabinoid receptors present in the brain.

However, as the scientists report, these alterations related to Cb1r receptors are reversible after only 2 days of abstinence in chronic cannabis users. Furthermore, they do not show significant changes even at the end of 28 days of abstinence from consumption.

It is evident, after the research, how much antidepressant drugs tend to be effective only in the short term, while an increase in the duration of therapy can subject the patient to a greater probability of relapse following an interruption.

In the same way, even cannabis may be able to temporarily ” stem ” the adverse effects of depression. Still, it is not sure that the symptoms will disappear permanently compared to an extended period.

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