This post reviews the website Reivcog, which has been tagged as a scam by a lot of its users. Are you planning to make your purchase from Reivcog .com? Before you share your personal details on the platform, read the detailed review below in which we outline the pros, cons, and our verdict after analyzing several customer feedback. 

What Is sells home and outdoor accessories, including products like LED Solar Lights, Outdoor Landscape Light Waterproof RGB Color Changing Courtyard Garden Light Guardrail Stairs, Corridor Lamp, Kitchen Organizer Paper Towel Holder Cling Film Cutting Holder Sauce Bottle Tin Foil Paper Storage Rack Kitchen Shelves, Led Solar Sitting Frog Garden Decorations. 


Diversified Range Of Products: The website offers a diverse array of home, kitchen, and garden accessories. 


Poorly Designed Website: In an attempt to use a structure and layout similar to other fraudulent websites, it showcases a poor design. 

Low Trust Ranking: It has ranked with a 58.8 score by conducting the results by many crucial factors such as Alexa ranking, WHOIS details, SSL Certificate among others. 

Poor Client Feedback: The website has occasionally received negative feedback. This indicates that you need to exercise caution if you decide to proceed with using it. 

Social Media Icons Not Linked to The Original Page: There are no social networking icons connected to the company’s website. But trustworthy websites provide users immediate access to social media groups, pages, or accounts. Reivcog is; therefore, it is not on any social networking platforms.

Parent Company Name Used By Several Scam Websites: Reivcog’s parent company is “Fadel-Beatty Limited.” Surprisingly, it is used by multiple scams and problematic sites. 

Nil Website Popularity: It is pretty surprising that the website has gained no popularity so far. 

Analyzing Customer Reviews

The website has received 58.8 ranks based on several factors, including the client’s public feedback, domain authority, the quality of the customer service, and many other essential elements such as WHOIS details, IP address, Alexa rank, modern technology used for their website, SSL certificate, and presence or absence on suspicious website lists. 

Our Verdict On Reivcog .com

We can confirm this is a scam website after a comprehensive analysis of the Reivcog reviews. Reivcog .com has occasionally received favorable and bad comments on many other websites. This company has been operating online for some time, which implies that you must proceed with prudence if you want to use it.


  1. Is a reliable website?

Our review indicates that caution should be exercised due to the website’s poor design, low trust ranking, and negative customer feedback.

  1. What products does sell? offers a range of home and outdoor accessories, including LED Solar Lights, Kitchen Organizers, and Garden Decorations.

  1. Does have a social media presence?

No, the website does not link any social media icons, which is uncommon for trustworthy websites.

  1. What is the parent company of

The parent company of is “Fadel-Beatty Limited,” which has been associated with multiple scams and problematic sites.

  1. Has gained popularity?

No, the website has not gained any significant popularity thus far.

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