In a world buzzing with energy-saving gadgets, Pro Power Save stands out as a potential game-changer. This small device claims to cut down on bad electricity, promising substantial cost savings. Wondering if it’s worth the hype? Dive into this Pro Power Saver reviews guide for an in-depth analysis of its features, functionality, and honest opinions from users. Let’s demystify the buzz around Pro Power Save and answer the burning question: Is Pro Power Save legit?

About Pro Power Save

It is a device that is advertised as an energy-saving gadget. It is designed to minimize electricity consumption and, consequently, reduce your power bills. Available for purchase on, this device offers a straightforward solution to curbing excessive energy usage.

How To Operate Pro Power Save

Utilizing this device is very easy with its user-friendly design. Here’s a step-by-step guide to operating this energy-saving device:

Plug and Play: Easily connect the device near your breaker box.

Visual Confirmation: Ensure proper functionality by checking for the reassuring green light.

Functionality Assurance: Pro Power Save claims to filter, stabilize, and save electricity.

Analysis Of Positives & Negatives: Is Pro Power Save Legit?


Energy Efficiency: Pro Power Save prides itself on its ability to enhance energy efficiency, promising users a reduction in electricity consumption.

User-Friendly Design: The device is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring ease of use for all consumers. Plug it near your breaker box and let it work its magic.

Cost Savings: One of the major selling point is the potential for cost savings. The device claims to help users cut down on electricity bills, providing a tangible financial benefit.

Compact And Convenient: With its small size, this power-saving device is convenient to install and won’t take up much space. Its compact design adds to its practicality.

Filtering Capabilities: It asserts its capability to filter electricity, aiming to improve the quality of power supply and protect electronic devices from potential harm.

Stabilization Feature: Promising stability in electricity supply, it aims to eliminate fluctuations, ensuring a consistent and reliable power source.

Plug-and-Play Operation: The straightforward plug-and-play operation makes this device accessible to users of all technical backgrounds, eliminating any complexity in installation.

Environmental Impact: By reducing overall electricity consumption, this device contributes to a lower environmental footprint, aligning with eco-friendly initiatives.


Marketing Deception: Its promotional strategy often involves a scientific narrative, but a closer look unveils the facade. The so-called scientific explanation is debunked as misleading, and even the images of the “company founders” are nothing more than generic stock photos. Moreover, the product has undergone multiple name changes, casting doubt on its credibility.

User Dissatisfaction: Users have voiced their discontent with this power-saving device, alleging that it falls short of delivering on its promises. Despite the enticing marketing, customers report dissatisfaction, raising questions about the device’s efficacy in delivering the claimed energy-saving benefits.

Safety Concerns: A thorough examination of the device’s internal components reveals potential safety hazards. The capacitor lacks essential safety ratings for direct connection to the AC line, posing a fire risk during lightning strikes. Despite assertions of power factor correction, the device’s impact is minimal, raising concerns about its safety and effectiveness.

Pro Power Saver Reviews: Wrapping Up

In the realm of energy-saving devices, it raises skepticism rather than confidence. Despite its alluring promises, the reality is far from impressive. Notably, recent coverage by BBC has exposed power-saving device scams, emphasizing the potential dangers associated with these gadgets. This power-saving device may not live up to expectations, and the safety risks outweigh any perceived benefits. Before investing in such devices, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons, considering both the potential savings and the possible hazards they may pose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pro Power Save a legitimate electricity-saving device?

Its legitimacy is questionable, with Pro Power Saver reviews pointing to dissatisfaction and potential safety concerns.

What are the alternative ways to reduce electricity consumption?

Shutdown computers, choose energy-saving bulbs, unplug idle electronics, use power strips, and turn off lights are effective alternatives.

Has Pro Power Save undergone name changes in the past?

Yes, it has been known by various names, including Voltex, Voltbox, Watt Rescue, and Ecowatt.

What does the BBC coverage reveal about power-saving device scams?

BBC coverage highlights the skepticism surrounding power-saving devices, highlighting potential risks and safety issues.

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