Do you want to examine the authenticity of Practisea? This article will provide reliable information to resolve your doubts and inform you whether to use this company or not. 

What Is Practisea?

Practisea is an online platform that offers a range of home comforts, accessories, and sportswear on their website. The website offers a range of essential products at rates which are too hard to resist. Presently, Practisea has its parent company named as “Landbase Trading Co. Ltd.” Surprisingly, it is used by multiple scam and problematic sites. 

From claiming a suspicious name to be its parent company to offering unbelivably high discount offers, we encountered several red flags while reviewing the website. Here below we have listed few red flags which we want the users to be aware of.

Security Doubts 

Practisea is playing a fraud at significant levels as it uses the unauthentic seal logos of McAfee and Norton on some of its products. Consequently, if you are involved with its services, they might steal your personal and financial details. 

No Social Media Presence 

The website has not linked any social media icons to their business. However, in the case of reliable websites, they provide direct access to their social media group, pages, or profiles. Hence, Practisea lacks a social media presence.

Negative Reviews

The website has received many complaints, bad reviews about its product quality, delivery time issues, and  customer support. 

Invalid Discounts And Sales 

Many items are listed on Practisea’s that are on sale with unbelievable discounts on several products, making it suspicious. Scam websites typically provide such discounts to entice victims to their con.

Similar Content

Practisea has used the website’s layout and other details, similar to many fraudulent websites. 


Due to numerous fraud alerts and concerning indicators, it is strongly advised to avoid engaging with Practisea. The website has been identified as a scam, and it is crucial to prioritize your safety when participating in online shopping. Always exercise caution and be vigilant to protect yourself from potential fraudulent activities.


What does Practisea offer on their website? 

Practisea offers a range of home comforts, jewelry, accessories, sports, and body products, along with immersive sales.

Is Practisea associated with other scam websites? 

Practisea claims its parent company is “Landbase Trading Co. Ltd.,” which is used by multiple scam sites, raising concerns about its legitimacy.

Does Practisea have a social media presence? 

No, Practisea isn’t available on social media, which is unusual for reliable websites that typically provide direct access to their social media profiles.

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