Porcelaoiy is a trending online platform that sells high-quality kitchen and household products at affordable prices. However, some customers have reported negative experiences with the site. To verify these claims, we conducted a thorough review of Porcelaoiy.Shop ourselves.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Porcelaoiy’s features and warning signs to uncover the online store’s true nature.

What Is Porcelaoiy.Shop?

Porcelaoiy.shop is a website that sells various household tools and products like:

  • 20-piece signature cast iron cookware set
  • Transformer remote control folding scooter
  • 360-piece mechanical set toolbox
  • 210mm 1500w wood aluminum cutting portable table saw for woodworking
  • Portable tiltable car jack

Website Specifications

URL Porcelaoiy.shop
Website Name Crafttyc
Parent Company Meledo Company Limited
Social Media N/A

Porcelaoiy Shop: Red Flags

While researching the website, we came across many red flags that raised our suspicions, and we have listed them below so that our readers can protect themselves from online scams.

Inconsistent Website Name And Domain Name

Porcelaoiy.shop uses “Crafttyc” as its website name; meanwhile, “Porcelaoiy” is its domain name, which is pretty suspicious for an online business as different names can cause confusion between customers and cause trust issues.

Multiple Scam Associations

The parent company of Porcelaoiy is Meledo Company Limited. Upon further research, we discovered that the company was associated with many scam websites in the past. It is a huge red flag that questions Porcelaoiy’s legitimacy. 

Similarities With Known Scam Sites

Many elements of the website and product description resemble other scam websites. This resemblance further reinforces the notion of the website being a scam.

Unrealistically Low Prices

All the products on Porcelaoiy .Shop are listed at very low prices, which are very unrealistic even for major sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Fake Trust Seals

Porcelaoiy uses fake McAfee trust seals on many of its product pages which is very deceptive and misleads customers into thinking that the website is secure.

Negative Feedback

Numerous customers have left negative feedback about the quality of the products, poor after-sales services, and prolonged delivery times of the products they bought from Porcelaoiy .shop.

Final Verdict

After reviewing all the facts, it can be concluded that Porcelaoiy.shop is not a trustworthy website, and you should avoid buying anything from their website. If you have recently purchased anything from Porcelaoiy, immediately contact your bank to safeguard your card information and raise a refund request. 


Is Porcelaoiy Shop/Crafttyc a legitimate online store?

No, Porcelaoiy is not a trustworthy website due to many reasons like:

  • Inconsistent website name and domain
  • Multiple scam associations
  • Similarities with known scam sites
  • Unrealistically low prices
  • Fake trust seals
  • Negative feedback

Are the products listed on Porcelaoiy Shop/Crafttyc of good quality?

Products from Porcelaoiy Shop are of very low quality, as reported by numerous customers.

How can I stay protected from online scams like Porcelaoiy Shop/Crafttyc?

You can avoid online scams by practicing caution while shopping online and looking out for red flags, as mentioned in the blog. Before proceeding with any transaction, do proper research about the website and use safe payment gateways.

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