Addressing pests poses a significant challenge, emphasizing the critical importance of finding the right pest control solution. A prevalent choice in this regard is Pestie. This comprehensive Pestie reviews guide aims to offer unbiased insights into the product, thoroughly analyzing its features, positive attributes, and essential considerations that should be taken into account before opting for it as a pest control remedy.

What Sets Apart

It utilizes natural ingredients such as cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint in its flea and tick sprays. Matt Roger, the owner of the product, boasts it as a pro-grade pesticide concentrate as its active ingredient, promising an effective solution against common pests.

Exploring The Mechanism

Let’s find out how Pestie works with its subscription plan, providing personalized pest control solutions right to the doorstep. While it concentrates on controlling pests outside your home, it’s crucial to know that it doesn’t cover bedbugs or termites. Is really better than other sprays designed for protecting your home? Let’s dig into it!

Pestie Reviews: User’s Insight

Gaining insights from user experiences with this spray reveals a varied spectrum of feedback. The initial positivity, largely shaped by YouTube reviews, highlighted the promising nature of the natural sprays. Yet, as users delved into the practical application, concerns arose—back spray from short bursts and a heightened bug presence, particularly spiders. The frustration escalated with an unexpected auto-renewal process. While it is budget-friendly, the real accounts of users urge a cautious approach when considering this pest control solution.

Exploring The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Pestie

Positive Aspects:

Timely Delivery:  It consistently delivers on time, ensuring users receive their pest control solution promptly.

Effective Results: Users report that it demonstrates some efficacy in addressing pest issues, providing a level of satisfaction.


Automatic Subscription Renewal: One concern revolves around the automatic renewal of subscriptions, catching users off guard and potentially leading to unexpected charges.

Spray Mechanism Design: Users have expressed concerns about the design of the spray mechanism, citing issues such as short bursts and back spray, impacting the overall user experience. A balanced assessment of these aspects is crucial for making an informed decision.

Exploring Payment Plans & Shipping Choices

When it comes to obtaining products, there are three payment options to consider. Opt for a yearly subscription at $136, choose quarterly payments amounting to $156 annually, or go for a single pesticide application priced at $49. Notably, all these options come with the added benefit of free shipping, making it convenient for you to access the products. If you prefer a more traditional approach, Pestie products are also available at local pest control shops.

Critical Considerations When Ordering From

Before making a decision to purchase, it’s essential to be aware of some significant factors. While it has proven effective for some users, some users’ experiences highlight a few crucial aspects. The customer service, unfortunately, has been reported as lacking, with instances of receiving a $5 item but being charged an unexpected $39. Additionally, some Pestie reviews revealed that the product, despite initial promise, failed to address the spider issue within the house. Understanding these nuances is vital for potential buyers to make informed choices when considering this spray for their pest control needs. Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it stands as a cost-effective DIY insect eradication choice, particularly effective against common bugs like cockroaches and ants. Ideal for people dealing with minor pest issues, it offers convenience and natural solutions. However, be wary of subscription nuances and potential challenges in canceling.


Is Pestie suitable for severe pest infestations?

It is more geared towards minor pest issues. For severe infestations, professional intervention might be necessary.

How does the subscription renewal work, and can it be canceled easily?

The subscription auto-renews, and canceling can be a bit tricky. Be prepared to navigate through their customer service process.

Are there any side effects or concerns with Pestie’s natural ingredients?

Generally, It’s natural ingredients pose minimal risks. However, individual reactions may vary.

Does Pestie have a money-back guarantee?

Check the official policies for information on guarantees and returns.

Can Pestie be used indoors, and does it have a strong odor?

It is designed for exterior use, and while it has a natural fragrance, it’s not overpowering. Indoor use may require caution.

How long does it take for Pestie to show results?

Results may vary, but many users report seeing improvements within a few weeks of consistent use.

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