One of the most competitive real estate markets close to the Bay Area is Oakland. Why? Since properties in this area sometimes have price tags close to a million dollars. Most importantly, they can be purchased for more than a million. 

The competitive nature of the Oakland real estate market has made it a great attraction for many real estate investors. That’s why knowing and understanding the Oakland real estate market is crucial. This way, you can easily find all the good investment opportunities present in the market. 

According to the experts in property management in Oakland California, below are some of the ideal real estate investment opportunities. Continue reading to know more.

Oakland Real Estate Market: What Are The Ideal Investment Options

Single-Family Properties

If you are a player for long-term, single-family homes can be an excellent investment option. This way you will only target families who prefer privacy. Rockridge and Montclair are two excellent examples of beautiful neighborhoods in Oakland. Ideal single-family homes with appreciation potential can be found in these places. 

Did You Know?

The price of a 5,240 sqft single-family house is around $699,000. 

Multi-Family Properties

Experts in property management in Oakland California, say that if you want a steady flow of income from rental units then invest in multi-family properties. Generally, apartment buildings or duplexes are known as great multi-family properties. Such units offer a consistent stream of rental income. Oakland has a strong rental market and is close to job centers. That’s why you will easily find tenants for your property.

Multi-Family PropertiesCondos & Townhouses Are Popular Options

If you have chosen urban areas like Downtown Oakland and Jack London Square then find suitable condos and townhouses. These are certainly popular investment choices in such areas. Moreover, these types of properties are preferred mostly by young professionals. Such individuals always look for facilities for urban living. So invest in well-maintained condos and you are sure to get the best return.

Investment In Commercial Spaces

Oakland’s economy is growing which means that many businesses have chosen to build their corporate offices. That’s why commercial real estate is a viable investment option. For you, ideal investment options will be retail spaces, office buildings, or warehouses. However, keep in mind your own investment goals and make decisions based on them. Also, research all the emerging business districts before making any final decisions. 

Did You Know?

The average rent of a 777 sq ft apartment is approximately $2,790. 

Choose Waterfront Areas

 If you check waterfront areas, including Brooklyn Basin and Howard Terminal you can see changes and developments. Doesn’t that make it your ideal investment opportunity? Moreover, this type of investment increases the scope for better rental income. Also, you can expect property price appreciation in the future.

Housing For Students

Diversifying your investor’s profile is necessary. That’s why you can also think about investing in student housing. In Oakland, there are many high-rated educational institutions. That’s why, you can also expect a steady source of income from such student housing. But while choosing properties you must find those that are near colleges or universities. Thus you will only target students as your tenants.

Mixed-Use Properties

You can diversify your portfolio by investing in mixed-use properties. It means that you must look for properties that combine residential and commercial spaces in one building. As a result, you can also expect diversified income streams. That’s why, try to find mixed-use properties that are near high-demand places.

Useful Tips For Oakland Real Estate Investors

  1. For real estate investors, researching the neighborhood of Oakland is essential. That’s why, take the time to thoroughly explore every neighborhood of Oakland.
  2. Knowing the local market and its trends is also necessary. Therefore, you will have to check the property prices of previous years and then decide. 
  3. Keeping yourself updated about all the development projects will be beneficial for you. This will guide you to find the right property type ideal for investment.
  4. Making investments without analyzing the market is not a smart move. That’s why, make a proper decision only after thoroughly analyzing the Oakland rental market and rates.
  5. Consulting with a property management company is also required if you want to find ideal investment options. 


The Oakland real estate market is worth your investment as it can improve your investor’s portfolio. But investing without knowing the right opportunities is certainly not going to be beneficial. That’s why investors must explore the market before making any decisions. Moreover, keep in mind all the investment options that we have shared here. With each of these investment options, you can expect better profit.

So, consult with experts and start learning the laws of the Oakland real estate property market. After that, you can make your plans and start your successful investor’s journey. If you understand your goals well, you will certainly become a successful Oakland real estate investor.

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