Music has evolved so much in the few decades, with new genres and creatives taking center stage. However, what has been consistent in the last several years is the increasing demand for good quality music across the board.

As people crave better, more entertaining and inspiring music, producers have to up their skill and practice to keep being relevant. But advancements in technology, with newer and more complicated music equipment and software coming up, have made music production a lot more technical. That is especially for people who are just getting into the field.

If you are interested in music production or just getting started in the field, the learning curve can be quite intimidating. How do you even start? Most importantly, how do you stand out in an area that already has so many notable names?

Well, it is not too late to pursue your passion for music production. And with the right resources by your side, you can actually learn and keep improving your craft. You will definitely get better at it and find the recognition you deserve with time.

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That said, what resources should you have when looking to produce music? In this article, we give you three great suggestions. A video tutorial resource, producer confidential blog and sound library, and the third an online course. By using all three, you will be learning something new to add to your skillset every day.

1. Video Tutorials: Pensado’s Place

First up is Pensado’s Place, which is accessible both on the official website and YouTube Channel. Founded by Grammy Award-winning music engineer Dave Pensado, Pensado’s Place is one of the best resources to check out if you are more into traditional music production.

Pensado himself has an impressive track record, having worked with famous artists like Janet Jackson, Mariah and Beyonce, just to mention a few.

While the channel’s target audience lies more towards music engineers rather than producers, it offers invaluable tricks, practices, and in-depth tutorials that can help you sharpen your craft if you want to be a producer.

The channel has a series that looks at the most encountered problems in music mixing, which you will find useful if you have intermediate to more advanced production experience.

On top of that, Pensado also hosts guests who have a wealth of music production and engineering information. Some notable guests previously hosted on the channel include Kenny Beats, Finneas, Anderson Paak, and Noah Shebib. So, if you want to learn from those who have come before you, Pensado’s palace is definitely a platform you should check out.

2. Blog & Sound Library: Producer Confidential

Music production is a dynamic field, and new things keep popping up. So, part of being great at producing is keeping up with trends and continuing to hone in on your craft. If you want to be a better producer and music creator, Producer Confidential is definitely worth checking out.

The website has a blog that focuses on teaching creators to make better music. You will find numerous educational posts on a variety of topics, including tricks to finishing your tracks, making beats using a variety of tools, how to make your music more interesting, and so many other things.

It also has membership, which you can join if you want to get professional, polished and cutting-edge production stacks you can use to beat production blocks and complete more tracks a lot faster. If you do not know what production stacks are, these are professional pieces of melodic and harmonic content created to aid creators in making the best possible pieces.

So, if you are on the lookout for great sound libraries you can use to create unique mixes that will save you lots of money in equipment and dozens of hours in production time, Producer Confidential is a must-have resource.

3. Online Training Courses: Udemy Music & Audio Production In Logic Pro X 

If you are completely new to the whole music production industry, you will need to dedicate a lot more time to learning. That means on top of using these first two resources; you should also consider taking online courses to help you acquire new skills.

There are several courses you can explore depending on the type of music you want to pursue as well as the equipment and software you plan to use. If you are a beginner producing music from your home studio, Apple’s Logic Pro X is probably among the easier music production software you can get. And it is great for not just beginners but also platinum hits producers.

However, to leverage this software and produce good music, you must first learn how it works. Here is where the Udemy Music & Audio Production for Logic Pro X comes in. The course offers forty hours of in-depth explainer videos that show you how to leverage the software to create, record, edit and mix any type of music.

The course is completely online and employs a learn-at-your-own-pace approach. That means you can go as slow or as quick as you want. You can also skip or go back to wherever you need to as you continue learning.

Udemy, and its close competitor Coursera, has more music production courses you can explore depending on your needs.

Combine These Three Resources To Sharpen Your Music Production Skills 

The music production demands are definitely getting more advanced by the day. Traditional training and equipment can run up to thousands of dollars. However, you can get creative by leveraging valuable online resources to not only learn music production but actually produce great mixes.

Each resource on the list adds something different to your production journey, which means combining all three can help you take your skills to the next level.

That said, while you need to invest in a bit of equipment, you do not need a $5000 monitor or other advanced technologies to begin. With the right resource and leveraging sound libraries, you probably already have what you need.

So, keep working on your craft and you will see a big difference in no time.

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