In the ever-expanding world of online shopping, has caught the attention of consumers seeking diverse home lighting and decor options. As the demand for housing items surges, the importance of scrutinizing the legitimacy of platforms becomes paramount. This article delves deeper into its offerings and provides comprehensive Litfad reviews to aid potential buyers in making informed decisions about, “Is legit?” Website Overview

Litfad positions itself as a global B2C home lighting e-commerce platform, emphasizing a wide range of products beyond lighting, including rugs, water taps, outdoor lights, and various furniture items. The product catalog boasts unique items such as Contemporary Wall-mounted TV Cabinets, Scandinavian Stone TV Stands, and Modern Metal Ceiling Lights.

Key Information:

Attribute Details
Website Name Litfad
Website Age Since 2016-06-27
Contact Address Not provided
Contact Number Unverified
Payment Options American Express, Mastercard, PayPal, etc.
Delivery Time Varies based on shipping method and region
Return Policy 14 Days Product Guarantee for broken items

Pros & Cons Of

Pros: Assuring Factors

SSL Certificate and Secure Connection: Litfad boasts a valid SSL certificate, ensuring a secure and encrypted connection for safe transactions and data protection.

Transparent and Accessible Policies: It maintains clear and accessible policies, providing customers with a reliable framework for their shopping experience.

Cons: Potential Red Flags

Low Trust Score: A significant concern is the notably low trust score of 1%, which may raise doubts about this platform’s overall legitimacy and reliability.

Negative Reviews on External Platforms: Negative feedback on external review platforms suggests that some customers have had unsatisfactory Litfad furniture experiences, signaling potential issues with product quality, delivery, or customer service.

New Domain Registration: Although the website has been registered since 2016-06-27, the combination of a low trust score and negative reviews may amplify concerns related to the website’s legitimacy.

In-Depth Analysis: Is Litfad Legit? 

Litfad furniture’s legitimacy comes into question due to its exceptionally low trust score and the existence of negative reviews on external platforms. The relatively new domain registration adds an additional layer of skepticism. While the presence of a valid SSL certificate and transparent policies is promising, these aspects may not be sufficient to alleviate concerns about the overall credibility of the platform.

Conclusion: Reviews

Based on the current findings from our reviews, it appears to be a platform that raises suspicion. We recommend potential customers to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before purchasing Litfad furniture. The dynamic nature of online platforms necessitates constant vigilance, and consumers are encouraged to share their experiences and feedback to contribute to a collective understanding of Litfad’s legitimacy.

Note: This review is based on available information as of the publication date and may be subject to change.


Is Litfad a legit company? positions itself as a global B2C home lighting e-commerce platform offering a variety of furniture items. However, a low trust score and negative reviews raise concerns about its reputation. Prospective buyers are recommended to conduct extensive research and carefully evaluate these factors before making a purchase.

What payment options does accept?

It accepts various payment options, including American Express, Mastercard, PayPal, and more. While this provides flexibility for customers, it’s essential to ensure the security of transactions, especially given concerns about the platform’s legitimacy.

What is Litfad’s return policy?

The website offers a 14 Days Product Guarantee for broken items. This policy allows customers to contact the platform within 14 days of delivery if their purchased items arrive damaged.

Why should I be cautious when considering for furniture purchases?

Caution is advised when considering this platform due to its low trust score, negative reviews on external platforms, and the relatively new domain registration. The combination of these factors

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