, a seemingly enticing website offering shoes, sneakers, and sandals at remarkably low prices, has raised suspicions among potential buyers. Before considering a purchase, it’s crucial to understand the brand, its product offerings, and the red flags that have emerged. In this exploration of Libiyi shoes reviews, we will delve into both positive and negative aspects, aiming to provide clarity for those contemplating a shopping experience on

Understanding The Brand: What Products Does It Offer? positions itself as a source for budget-friendly shoes, sneakers, and sandals. The allure of extremely low prices might catch the eye of bargain hunters, but as we’ll uncover, there’s more to this brand than meets the eye.

Positive Aspects:

Unfortunately, our investigation reveals that falls short in offering positive aspects. While it promises affordability, the negative elements associated with the brand raise significant concerns about the quality of products and the overall shopping experience.

Negative Aspects:

  1. Low-Quality Shoes: employs a bait-and-switch strategy, showcasing high-quality images of shoes that do not align with the low-quality products delivered. This deceptive practice undermines the trust customers place in the brand.
  2. Customer Dissatisfaction and Poor Reviews: Customer feedback on platforms like Trustpilot echoes dissatisfaction, citing issues with poor quality, flimsy materials, and incorrect sizing. These negative reviews paint a concerning picture of the overall product and service quality.
  3. China-Based Operation: The discrepancy in the brand’s claimed location versus its actual manufacturing origin in China raises questions about the transparency of Products made in China often exhibit poor craftsmanship and subpar materials.
  4. Questionable Return Procedures:’s purported 30-day refund policy comes with a substantial caveat – customers are required to bear the exorbitant $70 return shipping cost to China. This places buyers in a dilemma, unable to return defective items without incurring significant expenses.

Is A Trustworthy Shoe Store?

While may not fit the conventional definition of a scam, the accumulation of red flags, including flimsy product quality, a questionable return policy, and inadequate customer support, positions it as an untrustworthy and non-credible shoe store. Buyers are strongly cautioned against engaging in transactions with this platform.

PayPal Risks: Caution Advised

Using PayPal for purchases from does not ensure complete safety. Exploiting a flaw in PayPal’s system, fraudulent stores may manipulate tracking information, making disputes challenging. It’s important to be aware of this limitation when relying on PayPal for online transactions.

Post-Purchase Safety Measures For Shoppers

For those who have unfortunately already shopped on, the following steps are recommended:

Contact Your Bank: Swiftly contact your bank or financial institution to cancel the transaction, aiming for a chargeback if possible.

File a Dispute Claim: If the transaction is completed, file a dispute claim through the appropriate channels to contest the charges.

Secure Credit Card Information: Take measures to secure your credit card information, especially if you created an account on the store or use the same password elsewhere. This prevents unauthorized access and potential data theft.

Conclusion: Libiyi Shoes Reviews

As revealed in our investigation of Libiyi Shoes reviews, is an unreliable shoe store employing deceptive practices. Our recommendation is to steer clear of this platform to safeguard yourself from potential disappointments and financial losses. To stay protected from online shopping scams, follow the steps provided by the FTC, including checking domain age, verifying the physical location, assessing customer reviews, and confirming social media presence. It is crucial to stay informed and be cautious while shopping online to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience.


  1. Are Libiyi shoes of good quality? showcases high-quality images of shoes, but customer reviews suggest a stark contrast. Many report receiving low-quality products that don’t match the advertised standards, indicating a potential bait-and-switch tactic.

  1. What is’s return policy?

While this online platform claims to offer a 30-day refund policy, there’s a significant caveat – customers need to cover the hefty $70 return shipping cost to China. This condition poses a challenge for those seeking to return defective items.

  1. Is trustworthy for online shopping? exhibits numerous red flags, including poor product quality, dissatisfied customer reviews, and a questionable return policy. While it may not be a scam per se, it is deemed untrustworthy and non-credible for online shopping.

  1. Can PayPal guarantee safety on

Using PayPal on does not ensure complete safety. Exploiting a flaw in PayPal’s system, fraudulent stores may manipulate tracking information, making disputes challenging. Caution is advised when relying on PayPal for transactions on this platform.

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