In the realm of online shopping, consumers often seek both quality and affordability. However, when it comes to, a seemingly enticing online clothing store, the quest for a good deal may lead to unwelcome surprises. This Kelkong com reviews article aims to dissect the facts about whether is Kelkong legit or a scam?

We will conduct a thorough examination with Kelkong clothing reviews in mind, shedding light on why this website should be approached with caution. From its association with a dubious company to the absence of customer support and concerns about product quality, we will uncover the unsettling truths that underscore the need for vigilance in the world of e-commerce.

Is Kelkong Legit Online Store?

Before diving into the specifics, it’s essential to address the primary concern: Is a legitimate online store? The resounding answer is no. Kelkong is a suspicious online store that markets various clothing items like casual coats, flat shoes, boots, and cardigans at unbelievably low prices. Let’s uncover the red flags that make it a risky choice for shoppers.

Red Flags To Consider Before Shopping On

Questionable Ownership:

The company operating, known as “Hario Trading Co Limited,” has already garnered a poor reputation online. A quick search for XBP International reviews will reveal its association with multiple flagged fraudulent online stores.

Customer Support Deficiency: fails to provide a reliable customer support system. The provided email address, “,” is non-functional, and there’s no phone number available for contact. This leaves customers with no means of reaching out to the store for assistance.

Quality Compromised:

Take a closer look, and you’ll notice that some of the models’ faces on this website are cropped out. This suggests that the product images have been stolen from another source. As a result, customers are likely to receive low-quality items that differ significantly from what was advertised.

Too Good To Be True Prices:

The prices on Kelkong clothing online store are remarkably low, even during major sale events. These prices are merely bait to deceive and defraud unsuspecting customers, raising doubt about is Kelkong legit or not.

Security Vulnerabilities:

The website also lacks essential security measures like Norton or McAfee protection. This leaves the website vulnerable to hackers who can compromise customers’ personal and financial data.

Concluding Kelkong Com Reviews

As per our exhaustive Kelkong clothing reviews, it is clear that the website is a notorious online scam store that entices customers with unbelievably low prices. Don’t fall for the trap! The store offers no customer support, and after placing an order, you likely won’t receive your purchased items. 

Have You Been Scammed? – Take Action

Shopping from Kelkong exposes you to the risk of credit card fraud and overcharged fees. In some cases, you might receive an inferior or entirely different item, or nothing at all. If you’ve fallen victim to such a scam, here’s what you can do:

Contact Your Bank: File a complaint with your bank and request a new credit or debit card to prevent further unauthorized charges.

Document Transactions: If you used PayPal, take screenshots of the transactions for future reference and dispute resolution.

Online shopping has undoubtedly simplified our lives, but it comes with risks. Always check the website’s age, look for a valid return address, read customer reviews, and test the functionality of social media icons before making a purchase. Stay safe in the digital marketplace.

FAQs: Kelkong Clothing Reviews

  1. Is a reliable online store?

The answer to ‘Is Kelkong legit?’ is No. The platform is not reliable. It has zero customer support, sells low-quality products, and lacks essential security measures.

  1. Can I trust the company behind this website?

The company “Hario Trading Co Limited” has a poor online reputation and is associated with multiple fraudulent online stores.

  1. Are the prices on too good to be true?

Yes, the prices are unrealistically low, which is a common red flag for online scams.

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