Dive into the delectable universe of Jeremy’s Chocolate bars through our comprehensive Jeremy’s Chocolate reviews guide, unveiling insights into the product and the buzz surrounding this new entrant in the cocoa realm. Discover if Jeremy’s Chocolate has the sweet edge over Hershey’s controversial counterpart.

Jeremy’s Chocolate: A Sweet Affair

Indulge in the unique qualities of this chocolate, offered in two tempting variations – Nuts & Nutless, playfully dubbed HeHim and SheHer. Shattering norms with a clever interpretation of the chocolate binary, these bars are designed to appeal to a diverse audience while also making a statement against woke corporations. Prioritizing inclusivity, the ingredients showcase fair trade cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, dried milk powder, and other wholesome components. Savoring a bite of this Chocolate promises a rich and delightful experience that caters to the taste buds of all chocolate enthusiasts.

Ingredients Insight

Chocolate Type Ingredients 
SheHer Chocolate Dried Milk Powder, Fair Trade Cocoa Powder, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar
HeHim Chocolate Fair Trade Cocoa Powder, Dry Roasted Diced Almonds, Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter

Jeremy’s Chocolate: Manufacture & Purchase Insight

Where Are Jeremy’s Chocolate Made?

While the manufacturing details remain elusive, the website assures that the chocolates are crafted in a facility processing various ingredients, ensuring a diverse yet safe production environment.

Where To Buy

This chocolate is up for grabs on preorder at ihatehersheys.com, promising a delectable experience with a side of rebellion.

Sweet & Sour Notes

Positive Aspects Of Jeremy’s Chocolate:

Flexible Finances: Enjoy Chocolate With 4 Interest-Free Installments

Indulging in the exquisite world of this chocolate not only satisfies your sweet cravings but also offers a unique financial advantage. With the option to pay in four interest-free installments, the delightful experience becomes even more accessible. Now, relishing premium chocolate is not just a treat for taste buds but also a win for your budget.

Allergen-Friendly Delight: Catering To Nut Sensitivities

This chocolate stands out not only for its rich flavor but also for its commitment to inclusivity. The availability of both nut and nutless variations ensures that individuals with nut allergies can partake in the indulgence without worry. This thoughtful approach transforms the chocolate into a treat that is not only delicious but also considerate of diverse dietary needs.

Negative Aspects Of Jeremy’s Chocolate:

Anticipation Anxiety: Extended Waiting Period For Delivery

As you eagerly await the arrival of this chocolate, a drawback surfaces in the form of an extended waiting period. The anticipation builds over two months before your chocolatey delight reaches your doorstep. This delayed gratification may test the patience of even the most devoted chocolate enthusiasts, adding a bittersweet note to the overall experience.

Manufacturing Mystery: Lack Of Transparency On Production Origins

While savoring the delectable taste of the chocolate, one can’t help but wonder about its origins. Unfortunately, the website remains elusive regarding manufacturing details, leaving consumers in the dark about where these tempting treats are crafted. The absence of transparency raises questions about quality assurance and the conditions under which these chocolates are produced.

The Battle Royale: Jeremy’s vs Hershey’s

In the epic clash of Jeremy’s Chocolate and Hershey’s, the former steps into the ring as a contender with a mission. While Hershey’s boasts a long-standing legacy, recent controversies taint its reputation. Jeremy’s Chocolate, a promising challenger, introduces fun commercials and seemingly fine ingredients. However, skepticism arises, drawing parallels with past products that failed to outshine competitors.

Jeremy’s Chocolate Reviews: Wrapping Up

As we savor the tantalizing binary offered by this chocolate, uncertainties linger. Priced at $24.99 on preorder, the verdict remains pending. The undisclosed manufacturing details raise questions about quality assurance. This cocoa product might spark curiosity, but the final taste test awaits. Approach with a sweet tooth and a dash of skepticism.


Is Jeremy’s Chocolate suitable for those with nut allergies?

Yes, it caters to all, offering both nut and nutless variations.

Can I find Jeremy’s Chocolate in local stores?

Currently, it is exclusively available for preorder on ihatehersheys.com.

Are there any other flavors besides HeHim and SheHer?

At the moment, it offers the Nuts & Nutless variations, each with its unique charm.

How does Jeremy’s Chocolate’s pricing compare to other premium chocolates?

Priced at $24.99 on preorder, it falls within the range of premium artisanal chocolates.

Are there any plans for additional chocolate varieties in the future?

The future lineup remains uncertain, keeping chocolate enthusiasts on their toes.

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