Are you curious about Which type of website is it? What does it offer? Should you visit it? A lot more queries might be in your head.

But there are only a few experts who can answer these quests.

According to some platforms, it’s a website that deals with men’s apparel, while others say it’s a domain name that redirects us to Ashley Madison.

It seems like no one has the correct and accurate information about this domain name. But nothing is worth worrying about since you have hit the valid URL; you’re in the right place.

This article will answer all your burning questions about Allund. com, including, what’s it, which products it has, or whether it’s a legit website. Read on for more deets! Why It Exists?

Allund. com is a domain name unlike other domain websites; it is not a website; it is just a domain name redirect that takes the user to the Ashley Madison website. The domain name redirects users to another landing page without any notification.

So, the main purpose of this domain name is to redirect users to Ashley Madison. Just like redirect us to

What Is Ashley Madison?

In the meantime, the Canadian online dating and social networking site Ashley Madison caters to those who are married or in committed relationships. Darren J. Morgenstern started it in 2002 with the following mission statement: “Life is short. Have an affair “.

The reviews show how badly this website fails to satisfy the consumer base. There are not too many positive reviews of this website. The consumer reviews section of Ashely madison’s website is filled with fake profiles. While some reviews read that they had to face credit card scams too. Overall, this website has a lot of poor consumer ratings on the internet and many social media websites.

After considering several factors, has a low certified score of 48.20. This number means the website can be regarded as doubtful, previous, and alert. Several factors make this domain page questionable, such as Domain black list status, HTTP creation, Alexa score, etc. Let’s examine the terms listed in the details section above in the same vein—closeness to dubious websites, Malware score, spam score, threat profile, and phishing profile.

Specification Of Allund. com Website

After reading the above information, you might be aware of why exists. So, let’s dive deep into this part of this article and discover the specification of Allund. com.

  • Website Type: Dating website (Yes, it doesn’t have men’s apparel)
  • Email address: Not found   
  • Contact details: Not found  
  • Class: A generic top-level domain  
  • Social media link: Not found   
  • Trust score: 50%

On The Final Note

After trailblazing research, experts have found that this website is not a scam. Allund. com is a redirect domain that takes people to Ashely Madison’s website. Domain created a while ago. This website gained traffic but got a lot of negative reviews from customers about fake profiles.

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