Regarding striker-fired handguns, the trigger pull is crucial to accuracy and feel. Whether you’re looking for a lighter pull weight, smoother take-up, a post-travel option, a flat-face trigger, or more, there are many options.

With so many Glock trigger upgrades on the market, finding the best option for your pistol can be challenging. However, establishing your evaluation criteria allows you to reduce your options and arrive at an informed selection.

Improved Accuracy

Improved accuracy is one of the essential benefits of Glock trigger upgrades. So whether you’re a competitive shooter or an avid hobbyist, it’s worth looking into replacing your trigger for improved performance and reliability. You can check out the best gun store online to help you out for this.

Whether you’re looking for a smoother, shorter, and lighter trigger pull or want to add flair to your handgun, there are plenty of options. Some can be as simple as swapping out only a few parts, while others require more extensive customization and a gunsmith to install.

Less Creep

Glock trigger upgrades are a great way to make your gun shoot more accurately. They also offer several aesthetic enhancements that aren’t always available with stock triggers, such as improved ergonomics and reduced over-travel.

All elastomers exhibit an increasing deformation with time, known as creep. Creep is a function of the type of strain, temperature, and stress applied to a part.

The rate of creep varies from application to application. For example, automobile engine parts may experience more creep than stationary applications like railroad tracks.

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Less Overtravel

If you are a shooter who wants to get the most out of your Glock, consider adding one or more trigger upgrades. They’re inexpensive, relatively easy to install, and can make a difference in your shooting experience.

One essential trigger change is reducing the overtravel after your hammer hits the stop. More overtravel means that your trigger will accelerate more after it’s released. It can lead to your gun moving when you take a shot, which isn’t always good.

Less Weight

A low trigger weight can reduce stress on the forearm and make it easier to hold a grip. It also makes it easier to shoot quickly in a defensive situation.

The standard Glock trigger is around 5.5 pounds, and you can find trigger upgrades with pull weights as low as 3 lbs. So it’s worth upgrading the trigger if you’re shooting for competition or have a duty Glock that needs to be more accurate.

Less Time Between Shots

One of the main reasons to upgrade your Glock trigger is to increase your ability to put more rounds on target quickly. It is beneficial in real-world situations where you must protect yourself or others.

A shorter pull and more aggressive reset on a Glock trigger upgrade can reduce your time between shots. Keeping your opponent away from you or your family is a great advantage.

A trigger upgrade could also improve your aim by keeping the shot’s recoil from disturbing your sight alignment as much. But, again, it is a considerable improvement for shooters who are new to the sport or last practiced a while ago.

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