In a world filled with online scams, finding ways to protect personal information is crucial. ID Police, a small ink roller, claims to be the answer. These ID Police reviews aim to explore whether this compact gadget is a secure choice or a risky one and suggest alternative methods for safeguarding your information.

Discovering The Appeal Of ID Police

Compact and Handy: People are considering ID Police because it’s small and easy to use. Unlike big paper shredders, it’s as small as an egg, making it a convenient choice for those who want a simple solution.

Quick and Simple: Using an ID Police identity protection roller is very easy – it takes less than a minute to cover up personal information. Just roll it over the paper, and your details are hidden. It works on both matte and glossy paper, offering a versatile solution.

User-Friendly Features: ID Police comes in two colors – Yellow and Black. It’s also portable and can be attached to a key chain, making it handy for those on the go.

Understanding The Challenges

User Concerns: However, not everyone is happy with ID Police identity protection roller. Some users complain that the ink can be rubbed off even after a short time, and with some effort, people might be able to read the concealed information.

Staining Risk: There’s also a chance that the ink may stain your hands during use. Users are advised to be careful and avoid using the roller with clothes they want to keep clean, as accidental stains may occur.

Does ID Police Really Work? It’s Complicated 

The effectiveness of the ID Police identity protection roller is not straightforward. While it may work for some, concerns about the ink’s vulnerability exist. Users are recommended to go over the information multiple times for better coverage. Additionally, similar protection stamp rollers are available on platforms like Amazon for as low as $9, raising questions about the value of investing in ID Police.

Exploring Safer Alternatives

Paper Shredders: For a more traditional approach, a paper shredder is a reliable option. Though not as small, it provides a secure and permanent solution without the need for repurchase.

Fire as a Safe Disposal Method: Burning documents is a secure way to dispose of private information. Caution is advised, but it ensures the information is irretrievably destroyed.

Water Soaking: Immersing documents in water softens the paper, allowing for easy disposal. This simple method ensures the information becomes permanently intertwined with the paper.

Soaking Pill Bottles: For prescription stickers and pill bottles, soaking them in hot water helps in easy removal. The softened adhesive allows for a clean peel, rendering the information inaccessible.

Concluding Thoughts On ID Police Reviews

In conclusion, while ID Police offers a small and convenient solution for safeguarding personal information, user concerns and alternative options should be considered. Prospective buyers are encouraged to weigh the risks and explore alternative methods that may offer a more robust defense against identity theft. In a world with many choices, finding a solution that aligns with your security priorities and lifestyle is key.


Is ID Police identity protection roller easy to use?

Yes, ID Police is designed for ease of use. Its compact size, similar to an egg, makes it convenient, and rolling it over the paper takes less than a minute to cover up personal information.

Can ID Police be attached to a key chain?

Yes, it is portable and features a hole near the top, allowing it to be attached to a key chain. This makes it handy for users who are on the go.

What are the concerns users have raised about this device?

Some users have expressed concerns about the ink’s durability. Complaints include the ink being rubbed off even after a short period and the possibility of reading concealed information with some effort.

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