One question that might be striking in everyone’s mind is if iBuumerang is a scam or not? So don’t worry, we will answer this question in this article. We don’t want to spend our money and time to learn later that it is not legal and that it is in danger of being shut down. Let’s know deep about iBuumerang:

You’re here because someone probably told you related to this “amazing” business opportunity where all you are required to do is “give free travel-related discounts to other people,” and you’ll earn money.

However, like any other business, you should approach iBuumerang with caution and better understanding. 

While it isn’t an outright scam, You might be sorely disappointed to find out that it isn’t exactly the business you’re hoping for.

What Is iBuumerang?

iBuumerang is a multi-level marketing enterprise, which offers up to 70% travel discounts, accommodation, and other travel-associated services through various search engines. iBuumerang was named Countdown Freedom but was later retitled iBuumerang.

But, this discount was only accessible to people from iBuumerang Brazil. It means the people are required to pay to get a discount. People of iBuumerang had availed the discounts and made money by recruiting new individuals to travel clubs.

iBuumerang is an MLM enterprise that means you can make money with them in several ways. The two main ways are essentially selling services to numerous people and hiring people to sell services – the second is much more cost-effective than Chron.

iBuumerang: How Does It Work? 

iBuumerang was prepared via multi-level marketing, with its affiliates and partners being rewarded for sales from referrals.

It is known that multi-level marketing is one of the strategies to cover the financial pyramid in other countries. iBuumerang is not secure to be a pyramid because it does not offer investment services.

The Company Promised Money If: 

  • If someone refers new clients the services of iBuumerang company 
  • If new members of the team were signing new services
  • By hiring people to travel clubs

Is iBuumerang Legit Or A Scam?

iBuumerang is not a con, and here are the following reasons.

  • iBuumerang provides a great retail service.
  • iBuumerang has a great management team.
  • iBuumerang provides the best and fair compensation plan.

Is iBuumerang Pyramid Scheme?

Most people like to call all MLM a pyramid scheme, but that’s not necessarily true. Some are, and the CEO of iBuumerang has been involved in pyramid schemes in the past.

But iBuumerang isn’t an outright pyramid scheme but does have some fundamentals of one.

Part of your commissions from iBuumerang looks like the image above and explains some likenesses to a pyramid scheme.

You see, with MLM’s the majority of your income comes from staffing and building a downline.

The people’s motive is you get a slice of all sales of the people below – your employers, your employer’s employer, and so on.

You can sell the facilities of iBuumerang straight to clients and earn commissions that way.

But you make a lot more when you have enough employees working under you than you do just working for yourself.

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