Not every person is the same, and mistakes are inevitable. However, most people retract from their mistakes and learn from them and move on. Some mistakes can be highly destructive and take a toll on your life and future. Such can be a DUI that can have several consequential reactions from law enforcers. A DUI can have different consequences depending on the degree and the times you have committed the crime.

However, if you had a little alcohol to take before driving that could absolutely not come in between your driving or didn’t have anything at all and were still taken by law enforcers, you need to get out of the conviction fast. Thankfully there are several ways you can get defenses against DUIs and come out unharmed from the arrest with the help of the right criminal defense attorney. A criminal charge in Newport Beach can immediately put your rights and freedoms in jeopardy. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to defend you against criminal charges such as DUI, drug charges, theft offenses, etc.

But make sure that you are prepared to meet the lawyer and know the techniques you can get out of a DUI quickly with the right defense. Hence, the guards for most DUI case are as the following:

Types Of DUI Offenses

A DUI can be of different degrees that can determine whether your offense is convictable or not. For this reason, make sure you know the intensity of your charge to prepare the defense for it. Here are the different degrees of the DUI charges you can be arrested for:

First Offense

The first time that you get into a DUI offense, it can be convicted as a misdemeanor or a first offense. Under this charge, you can get some days of jail time, fines, and community service and may get your license taken or suspended. These charges are minimal but can be reduced with the help of the right Gainesville DUI attorney or defense attorney in your area.


The second kind of DUI or DWI is a felony that results in an injury or death of another person. And if you are arrested for a felony offense, you may have to spend time in jail for more than three years and a ton of other penalties, including license suspension.

Defense Against Irregular Driving

When you have been charged for erratic driving while being intoxicated, you can put in some defenses that can help you get out of jail time with the following:

Prove Your Sobriety

Many times you are being a good civilian and following the rules on roads, but some times can call for speed. You may end up thinking that you are alone on the road and increase the speed or overtake riskily. In these instances, if a police officer catches you in the act and takes you in for a DUI, you can easily defend yourself after getting the right drug tests that help you prove you were sober when driving and decrease your charge.

Defense For Driving Under Influence

Believe it or not, there are a million defenses against a DUI charge. So if you have been frantic since you got charged or taken into custody, you don’t have to show fear for law enforcers to take advantage. Here are some of the essential defenses to negate you being under the influence to decrease or even rid the charge:

Testing Method False

Police officers can use a couple of tests and different ways of knowing if a driver was actually under the influence or not. These can be through a breathing test machine, blood test, and various exercises on the road. And these tests can easily be infected if the device is not regulated correctly or is faulty. You can prove this in court by getting the machine assessed by the jury. You can also fight for your rights against police officers demanding various indecent exercises on the road to determine your toxication. They can ask you to walk, flash a torchlight in your eyes, make conversation, and if you fail, you can be taken in. Hence, if any of these happened without your permission, asked first or by force, you can provide the evidence in court and get your case turned around.

Make The Results Invalid

As the machine or kits for testing are proved faulty, the results can also become invalid. But you can do this again by establishing that the apparatus wasn’t set appropriately and tested heightened results. These apparatuses aren’t the best in the industry for noticing intoxication in blood or breath. So you can easily prove fault in it in court.

Provide Evidence Of Other Medication

The chances are that you took some sort of drowsing or blood intoxicating medication before starting to drive. And because of this, you were found guilty by the testing apparatus and taken into custody. In this case, the game can be simplified with a sample for the medication you used and it’s proof of usage in previous days.

Give Explanation For Your Behaviors

As for your behavior while driving that caused the law enforcers to charge with a DUI, you can step in and tell the jury a couple of genuine and backed up information. You can give a detailed play of the moments that took place to make you act as you did while driving or act intoxicated in front of the officers. You can claim that you were, in fact, not toxic by drugs or alcohol for not standing straight but say that you lost your control or the police made you nervous. Suppose you were taken in for your bloodshot eyes and out of place look; you can claim your tiredness or bad health.

Question The Law Enforcers

It’s not always that the charged is at fault for the crime they didn’t commit. The police officers can be wrong several times and put in incorrect assertions on innocent civilians. If this was your case, make sure that the law enforcers don’t get away with it. In the chance that the police hurt you or had no cause at all for taking you into custody, you turn the case around on them. In case the police weren’t able to communicate in a professional manner with you and give Miranda Warning before asking sensitive questions, you can make their statements invalid in these instances.

Take Expert Help

Obviously, all these claims need an expert hand and mind in order to have them play orderly in court for your defense. A lawyer defending DUI charges can help you collect the required evidence, tell you about the probable defense that perfectly fits your case, prepares for reason in the most elaborate ways, and more. So find a highly competent criminal defense lawyer and an expert in the DUI defense area to help you get through the case smoothly.

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