Turning your bathroom into a home spa and sensual retreat gives you a place to unwind and rebalance. It’s certainly worth investing in proper home-spa appliances if you can. It is, however, more than possible to get that “home-spa” atmosphere on a budget. Here are some tips to help from steamshowerstore.

Clean & Declutter

No matter what your budget, you can clean and declutter your bathroom. If you’re aiming to evoke a spa-like ambiance, then you might want to review how you’re cleaning your bathroom. It is true that you are probably going to need to use some chemical cleaners in your bathroom. Hygiene has to be your top priority.

On the other hand, the more you use environmentally-friendly cleaners, the pleasanter overall your bathroom is likely to be. Sustainable cleaners tend to have much lower odors than chemical ones. Also, they’re better for the planet.

Decluttering is a job most people need to do regularly, especially in bathrooms. These tend to be small spaces that get a lot of use. If a lack of closed storage (or any storage) means you have to leave items out in the open, then corral and disguise them. Disguising them basically means putting unattractive items into attractive containers.

Bring In Candles

Candles shouldn’t be used to disguise bad smells in your bathroom. If you’re having routine odor issues then you either need to review your cleaning or take a serious look at your ventilation. They should be used to bring soft light and scent into your bathroom.

Unless you have a seriously large bathroom, you should usually stick to burning one scented candle at a time. You may, however, want to have a selection of scented candles so that you can choose a scent to suit your mood. If you want extra candles for light and ambiance, then just use non-scented ones.

Traditionally, bathroom candles tended to be placed by baths. This is still a great place to put them if you have a bath. If you don’t, then try placing a candle near your shower. If you have a shower curtain, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to smell it while you shower. If you have a door, then you can just light it as you get out and enjoy it while you get ready.

Add Greenery

If your bathroom gets any sort of natural light then there’s a real plant for it. Even if you have no time to look after it or you aren’t confident with plant care, there’s an option for you. Air plants, for example, can survive just about anything.

If your bathroom gets no natural light or you’re absolutely set against real plants then go for faux. In a pinch, just go for plant-themed decor. It’s a total cliche but it’s true. Bringing any sign of nature into an indoor space genuinely does make it pleasanter. Real plants are the absolute best for this but if they’re not for you then there are other options.

Update Your Textiles

If your towels, mats, and/or shower curtain are looking and feeling the worse for wear then update them if you possibly can. If you really can’t then at least give them a good clean. For towels and mats, fabric conditioner may help to bring them back to life, at least for a while.

Regardless of whether or not you’re buying new towels, look at how you store them. Ideally, you want fresh towels near where you’re going to use them. It’s great if they can be heated but that will depend on your bathroom’s facilities.

You definitely want your stored towels to be rolled instead of folded. The jury’s still out on whether or not this actually saves any space. It does however definitely give a softer look. That’s particularly useful in bathrooms as these tend to be small spaces with lots of corners and angles.

Make The Most Of Sound

People have long enjoyed listening to music in the bathroom. Over time, it’s become easier and easier to do so. In fact, now some showers are coming with integrated radios and Bluetooth streaming capabilities. If you’re on a budget however then a radio or soundbar is likely to be a more realistic option.

If you’re going for a home-spa atmosphere then you might want to look into audio options other than regular music. For example, you could play birdsong or other natural sounds or even consider meditation tracks. If you are going for music then it’s often best to stick with instrumental tracks. Even if you love a song, it can stop you from “zoning out” completely.

Use Color Strategically

When you think “spa”, your first thought may be of all-white spaces with fixtures and accessories in neutral tones. In the context of public spas, there is often a lot of truth in this. It is, however, a truth that reflects practicality rather than the desire to evoke a particular kind of atmosphere.

The main reason public spas tend to have a lot of white spaces is that they show up dirt easily. This means that staff can see exactly where they need to clean. Also, the absence of dirt in white spaces sends out a clear message that the spa takes hygiene seriously. Even so, many spas are trying to include a bit more color at least in public areas.

If you can paint or paper your walls, it can definitely be worth thinking about adding some gentle color to your bathroom. Stay away from strong colors. These are very powerful and energetic. They’re great in some parts of the home but are highly unlikely to work in a home spa.

Even if you can’t, you could look at color-changing light bulbs. These allow you to change the color of your bathroom regardless of whether or not you can paint your walls. They can therefore be useful for both renters and homeowners.

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