Are you starting your journey to teach kindergarten students online? A tutor teaching online is a different experience. So, ensuring you do your best is imperative. Kindergarten students are little, and the concept of learning is not too well engraved in them. As a tutor for kindergarten, you are special, too. Whether you teach students one-on-one or teach two or three students together, handling them is challenging. The obstacles are even more profound when teaching virtually. But with the student’s best interest at heart, you can do this. Here are a few tips and tricks to hold on to while teaching kindergarten students.

Read With The Children

To encourage a kindergartener to learn, one of the best methods is to read aloud to them. When using online tutoring for kindergarten, ensure you spend at least 20 minutes per session reading aloud. When you read aloud to a child, it benefits them in multiple ways. For instance, they learn to say words. Also, seeing your expression or excitement about the story will allow the child to be excited. Thus, it will expand their understanding of the story and the words. You can also discuss the story with the student. Even though they are young, they can contribute well to the story, which in turn helps with their creativity. Since you are teaching the child virtually, you both must have individual books. When a child can see the book, pictures, and outline, it helps them grasp the context better.

Ask Questions

Tutoring in kindergarten is challenging. You want to make an impact. For that, ask questions like their age, parents’ expectations of the tuition, and their weaknesses and strengths. Asking questions like these will make it clear to you what everyone expects from the tuition. It will help you make a study plan that works.

Teach Them Multiple Things

A student in kindergarten is new to many things. They learn many things at home, like saying sorry or thank you.” But you are preparing them for school and everything that comes with it. So, take this opportunity to teach multiple things to the kids. For instance, teach them that they must raise their hand if they have a question. They have to thank anyone who offers them help or support. Teaching them to hold the pencil or color correctly is also part of the job description.

Get Creative With Teaching

Use different methods of teaching these young kids. Use music or art to teach them math or the ABCs. Also, check your pace. If you are tutoring a kid one-on-one, see what pace works best for the child. Do not rush the child, or it will make learning tedious for him.

Teach Them To Make Friends

After their home, a kid goes first to school, and not every child can socialize easily. Tutors can help the student learn to communicate and make friends. If you tutor more than one kid, ask them to communicate with each other. Partner with them for a small project, like coming up with a small story. It will help them talk to each other, leaving behind their inhibitions. If you tutor only one child, get creative. Imaginative play can help them open up or start a dialogue.

Help Them Write

Kindergarten students should learn to write their ABCs. So, ensure they have the best writing materials with them. You can use a lined ruler or crayons to encourage them to write. Moreover, you can use a board and chalk to help them write. Even writing in the sand can help.

Plan Activities

Even if you tutor the kids for an hour, you cannot expect such young kids to study for 60 minutes. You should plan a few fun activities that also help them learn. Drawing, coloring, or making crafts all keep them engaged and happy.

What children learn in preschool affects them throughout their lives. Every child is different. Some require one-on-one learning and reading. While others do not. Preschool sets them up for life. So, if you are struggling to give your kid the much-needed push, taking help from a tutor can help. They can use the strategies mentioned above.

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