Finding yourself on the committee at the local footy club, you’re always looking for new innovations and ways to get the local community involved and increase interest. The place needed a shake-up and you have already instigated a boost in membership through promotions in the club rooms.

That’s good news as the increased revenue has helped the club recruit better players which saw added interest in the area, with increased attendances bolstering income further over the bar and shop, as well as one or two businesses wanting to get involved as sponsors. Your next task was to get more youngsters involved and you have started to see positive results after you ordered a supply of stickers online.

  • Your recent trip to Europe opened your eyes to the cult followings that many of their football clubs have, some having different sets of ultras. You lost count of the number of stickers you saw displaying a club badge or emblem on toilet walls or lampposts around the cities you visited. It was time for you to get working on it back home.
  • Youngsters want to be involved in something hip and cool and you know that many have knowledge of similar stuff to what you experienced through a similar phenomenon at A League games. Well, if it’s good enough for soccer, you were going to have a piece of the action at your Aussie Rules club. You also decided to buy some Instagram followers for the club account to establish credibility.
  • You cleverly gave some of the stickers to your kids and nephews and let nature take its course. Their mates wanted some as well and were soon displaying a sticker on their bags or placing them where they lived. They were soon doing a marketing job for you free of charge.
  • The beauty of the idea was you installed a branding strategy so that your club logo begins to be recognized wherever it’s seen. Soon crowds of the age group you were hoping to attract began to grow, with some wanting merchandise carrying the same branding. This was fantastic for you when trying to explain to sponsors that they would be involved in something where their advertisements would be noticed and pay off for backing the local team.
  • You are certain that part of the attraction and clamour for the stickers was their quality. You decided that such an investment was worth doing properly, so you went to Australia’s Number 1 choice for custom stickers, knowing that the product would be eco-friendly, of high quality and being produced with a quick turnaround allowing you time to visit a local history museum.
  • The stickers certainly gathered interest and caused a stir, with them being found positioned in some most amusing places, though the coach of your rivals failed to see the funny side when your son put one on his garden gate.

Buying quality stickers online has created interest in your club for very little cost and has proved a tremendous marketing tool.

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