The teaching profession brings along a vast bunch of duties and responsibilities that need to be taken care of every single day. With busy lives and job pressure, stress is something very common with every individual these days. The same goes for the teachers too. Stress helps one to stay on the toes and work efficiently, however excessive stress can be harmful to both physical and mental health. The role of a teacher is quite demanding and therefore several teachers deal with stress matters. However, they can overcome stress by adopting advanced edtech tools. These tools remove redundancy and improve classroom productivity. Let us discuss how teachers can manage stress by adopting advanced LMS and ERP solutions.

What Causes Stress To The Teachers?

Administrative Pressure

The teaching profession is full of duties and responsibilities. Other than providing students with the right subject knowledge, teachers have a lot of other tasks to perform too. Maintaining attendance registers, preparing exam question papers, making report cards, and working on cultural and other educational events, there is a lot to do every day. Pressure from the authorities, and deadlines are one of the major reasons that teachers deal with stress.

Unhealthy Comparisons & Competition

Today we are living in a highly competitive world. There is tough competition in the teaching field too. Giving the best in jobs is effective, however, making unhealthy comparisons is harmful. Comparing yourself with the more successful teachers, and having jealousy of others’ growth leads to more stress and downfall.

Lack Of Work-Life Balance

Along with professional life, we all have a personal life too. The same goes for teachers. When educators are not able to finish the tasks during job hours, they take the leftover work home. This reduces their personal and family time. Lack of work-life balance leads to health issues, arguments, anxiety, and stress for the teachers.

Students Getting Low Academic Results

To become a successful teacher, ensuring proper academic growth and development of the students is crucial. When teachers see students less participative in class or getting low exam results, teachers feel stressed. They start doubting their teaching styles and worry about how to improve class performance.

How Can Automation Help?

1. Using Advanced Edtech Tools To Teach

The main responsibility of every teacher is to provide students with a proper academic understanding. When learners face difficulties in comprehending the lessons or show low-class performance, teachers face stress. Only conventional teaching practices won’t work. Today’s kids are highly attracted to technology, and using the same in the classroom will be beneficial too.

By using LMS and ERP solutions, teachers can make classroom lectures interactive. With these portals, they can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. Another pain point in any teachers’ life is to do trivial tasks like recording classroom attendance. By using an attendance management system, teachers can keep digital records of students’ attendance percentages, criteria, and more to manage everyday tasks effectively.

2. Opting For Smarter Ways Of Working

A teacher’s job is full of duties and responsibilities. Doing all the tasks manually becomes very time-consuming, exhausting, and hectic too.

In the digital era we are living in, all professional sectors are opting for modern and technical ways of working. Teachers should also opt for smarter ways of working. For example, by using a school management system, teachers can keep digital records of a student’s class performance, exam scores, attendance percentage, report cards, and more. This helps teachers finish the tasks before the deadlines, saving time for better planning and preparation.

3. Creating A Collaborative Classroom Environment

Grabbing students’ attendance is a task that requires most effort. All of us have a short attention span which impacts the overall learning process. With the help of automation, teachers can create a holistic and collaborative learning space in the classroom. These tools enhance their productivity and keep students engaged with the help of features like chat, polls, and discussion boards.


With a demanding teaching job, facing stress is common with many educators. Personal issues, poor time management, conventional ways of working, classroom management problems, and above discussed reasons lead to stress issues among teachers. By following the above-mentioned tips, all teachers can deal with stress, and become more productive at work respectively.

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