Hotsider is a new e-commerce store that sells men’s fashion accessories like Leather chest bags and handbags. After it went viral because of its affordable offerings, many customers reported about the poor quality of the product, and bad customer support service.

To uncover the truth about, we decided to take a deep dive into their website to look for suspicious aspects of the business and make our readers aware of its safety.

About Hotsider.Store is an online platform selling affordable men’s leather accessories, like

  • Vintage bags
  • Fashion men’s handbag
  • Cylindrical leather chest bag
  • Cowhide chest bags
  • Fashion men’s handbags, and more.

Website Specifications

During our research, we managed to find the following information about the website.

Website Name Hotsider
Company Address 940 Craten Road, Apartment 1, Norfolk, Virginia-23513, United States
Contact Number +1 757-805-9363
Options for Payment Paypal
Delivery Time:  3-7 Business Days
Social Media  Dead Links

Hotsider Reviews: Red Flags is a very suspicious website because of numerous red flags, and we recommend that you avoid buying anything from this online store. To further educate our readers, we have listed the red flags below.

Company Address is registered under 940 Craten Road, Apartment 1, Norfolk, Virginia-23513, USA. Upon googling the address, we discovered that it is a residential place with no business associated with it. Hotsider is using this address to mislead its customers.

Plagiarized Content

The website copies content from many suspicious websites that are flagged for scams. This suggests that a single organization hosts multiple websites with recycled content to scam people worldwide.

Discounts & Sales

Hotsider lists its products at heavy discounts, which are very unrealistic. The discounts offered exceed popular sales, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In our opinion, these discounts are baits to lure customers.

Customer Complaints

Many customers of Hotsider have reported poor customer support, subpar quality products, and prolonged delivery times. These complaints entirely contradict the promises claims.


On assessing multiple Hotsider reviews and customer feedback, we conclude that is a scam, and you should not purchase anything from their online store.

Creating legitimate-looking websites online has become very easy these days. To protect yourself on the internet, you should practice caution and thoroughly research before purchasing anything from a new ecommerce platform.


Is a legitimate company?

No, Hotsider is not a legitimate company, as the website is full of red flags, and many users have reported bad experiences with the website.

Are the discount offers provided by genuine?

No, the discount offers provided by Hotsider are not genuine and only to lure unsuspecting customers to the scam.

Are there any customer complaints regarding’s services and delivery?

Yes, there are many negative customer complaints regarding Hotsider’s poor customer support, delayed shipping, and subpar product quality.

What payment method does Hotsider use? only accepts paypal transactions. This is pretty shady as most of the legitimate websites offer multiple methods of payment. 

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