Hoooyi Clothing has been making waves in the men’s fashion scene since its launch in August 2020. With a vast selection of men’s clothing, such as shirts, coats,  jackets, etc., all offered at significant discounts, it’s no wonder many fashion-forward individuals are curious about this online store’s legitimacy. But is Hoooyi.com the real deal or just another online scam? In this Hoooyi reviews, we will explore its ins and outs, discussing its location, returns policy, customer support, and more.

What Sets Hoooyi Apart?

Hoooyi, an online men’s fashion hub, distinguishes itself by offering an extensive range of clothing items at competitive prices. From casual wear to trendy styles, there’s something for everyone. Quality is not compromised here; most customers report receiving well-made products.

About Hoooyi.com Website

Discounts & Rewards

To sweeten the deal, Hoooyi Clothing offers coupon codes on websites like hotdeals.com or couponsfunnel.com. Moreover, you can earn a generous 25% commission by referring friends to Hoooyi, making it a tempting option for those who enjoy sharing great fashion finds.

Location Matters

While Hoooyi Clothing may seem like a local brand, it’s important to note that it’s physically based in China. This can significantly affect the shipping and delivery times for international customers. If you’re in a hurry to receive your order, you might need some patience.

Contacting Customer Support

Need assistance? Hoooyi can be reached through email at ‘hi@hoooyi.com’ or via the store’s ‘Contact Us’ page. While their response time is generally acceptable, be prepared for potential delays due to the international nature of the business.

Returns & Refunds

Hoooyi.com has a 15-day return policy for items that are in pristine condition, unworn, unwashed, and with all original tags & packaging intact. However, there’s a catch – customers are responsible for covering the return shipping costs, which can be quite steep when shipping back to China.

Is Hoooyi.com Worth It?

Based on our investigation, Hoooyi Clothing appears to be a legitimate men’s clothing store. However, keep in mind its physical location in China, which may lead to longer shipping durations.

Why Caution Is Crucial?

Online shopping has its conveniences but can also be risky. Some customers have reported issues such as hacked credit cards, overcharged fees, and receiving incorrect or inferior items. If you’ve used PayPal, screenshot transactions for future reference.

Conclusion Alternative – “Verdict”

In a world filled with endless online shopping options, Hoooyi.com manages to carve a niche for itself. The affordability and diverse range of clothing are impressive. However, it’s vital to tread carefully, especially if you’re ordering from abroad.

This comprehensive review of Hoooyi Clothing should help you make an informed decision about whether to embark on your fashion journey with this online store. While it offers attractive deals and quality products, remember to consider the potential challenges associated with international shipping. Happy shopping!


  1. How long does it take for Hoooyi.com orders to arrive?

Hoooyi’s physical location in China can result in longer shipping times, ranging from days to weeks, depending on your location.

  1. Can I return items to Hoooyi if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

Yes, you can return items within 15 days if they are unworn, unwashed, and in their original packaging. However, you’ll need to cover the return shipping costs, which can be significant.

  1. Are Hoooyi’s clothing items good quality despite the low prices?

Yes, most customers report that Hoooyi’s clothing items are of good quality, even though they are sold at affordable prices.

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