When it becomes obvious that your elderly parent is not coping alone at home anymore, you will need to step in and suggest that mom or dad move into an assisted living facility. Such an announcement may be met with resistance or dejected compliance if this delicate matter is not approached correctly. Here are some tips to make acceptance and the transition a pleasant experience for both of you, one that brings you closer.

Do Your Research!

Become familiar with your parent’s financial situation by helping with a monthly budget and seeing that bills are paid on time. Know what can be afforded for assisted living. There should still be something left for your parent to buy toiletries, snacks, air time, presents for friends, etc. It is important that your parent is not asked to give up independence in matters where abilities to function are still retained.

After an online search for suitable facilities, narrow these down to ones that, on the surface of it, seem suitable, affordable, and of high quality. They must also be close enough for you to make regular visits. Make a list of questions to ask and call each facility. Have another list of reasons to reject a facility, such as meals are not healthy, there are no planned activities, and the resident-to-staff ratio is too low. Narrow your options down to the top three facilities.

Involve Your Parent!

Arrange to visit each one of the three facilities on your list with your parent. Depending on their energy levels and mobility, you may want to set these for different days with a day’s break between visits. Ask your parent to make a list of questions to ask and agree on what you want to view at each appointment. For example, ask if you can stay for a meal and talk to other residents.

Allow your parent to make the final choice between the facilities. This will be their new home and they need to feel that they could be happy there. Get measurements for the new apartment. This will probably be a lot smaller than your parent’s current abode, so there will be a limit on what furniture and personal effects can be taken with. Help your parent to choose familiar, comfortable furniture and cherished items.

The Move

Moving into a Senior Living Community in Horizon West, Florida can be exciting as well as nerve-wracking for your elderly parent. What is important before, during, and in the weeks after the move, is to ensure continuity. Make sure you do not miss visits, which should become a routine for your parent to look forward to. Allocate enough time in your chosen slot for a proper visit of several hours once or twice a week. Popping in at random times for ten or twenty minutes will indicate that you are less concerned about your parent’s happiness than you should be.

Take time to listen to Mom or Dad’s experiences over the past few days. Reassure yourself that they are receiving great care, eating well, and not lacking anything. Encourage him/her to participate in activities, such as entertainment and exercise. Bring a healthy snack and 100% juice.

If you are concerned about anything, speak to the staff. Ultimately, your mom or dad’s wellbeing should guide your actions.

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