If you’ve heard whispers of Harrelson’s Own CBD and are intrigued by its promises of relief from pain and anxiety, you’re not alone. In this comprehensive Harrelson’s Own CBD review, we cut through the hype to provide you with an unbiased assessment of this well-known CBD brand. Whether you’re a newcomer to CBD or a seasoned user, this article will help you decide if Harrelson’s is the right choice for you.

Harrelson’s Own CBD: A Brief Overview

Harrelson’s Own CBD is a prominent brand in the CBD industry, offering numerous products, including Instant Pain-Relieving Roll-On Cooling Gel, Signature Blend Spray with Immediate Absorption, and Organic Time-Released Gummies. These products claim to reduce stress, elevate mood, alleviate inflammation, and boost energy. But do they live up to the hype?

Consumer Reports: Real Experiences

One of the most crucial aspects of any CBD product is its effectiveness. According to one user’s experience, they had been suffering from persistent low back pain. Despite trying various remedies, their pain persisted. They decided to try Harrelson’s Own CBD products and noticed a significant improvement. The cooling gel provided quick relief, with a warming/cooling sensation that reduced pain intensity. The oral spray, while effective, was marred by an unpleasant taste.

With consistent use, the pain gradually disappeared, allowing the user to lead a more comfortable life. However, it’s worth noting that the experience with the oral spray’s taste was less than ideal, even though it offered relief.

The Face Behind The Brand: Brett V. Harrelson

Harrelson’s Own CBD is owned by Brett V. Harrelson, an American actor. While some may assume that Woody Harrelson, Brett’s elder brother, is the CEO, he actually serves as the brand’s ambassador. This might explain why Woody’s image is used for marketing the products.

Pros & Cons


Affordability: Harrelson’s Own CBD products offer budget-friendly options for wellness enthusiasts.

Established Presence: The brand has been in operation since 2017 and actively engages with its audience on social media.


Misleading Advertising: Some users reported discrepancies between TV commercials and product functionality, particularly regarding the spray mechanism.

Unpleasant Taste: The oral spray’s taste did not sit well with certain users, which might be a downside for those sensitive to flavors.

Return Hassles: The brand’s 100% money-back guarantee was marred by a $7.95 reprocessing fee, leaving some customers dissatisfied.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Trying?

Our Harrelson’s Own CBD review indicates that Harrelson’s Own CBD has garnered a reasonably positive reputation despite some drawbacks, such as taste and deceptive advertising. According to US-reviews, the majority of users have reported positive changes, with very few stating it didn’t work for them. With an overall rating of 4.2 stars, it’s safe to say that many users find satisfaction in this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harrelson’s Own CBD owned by Woody Harrelson?

No, the brand is owned by Brett V. Harrelson, with Woody Harrelson serving as the brand’s ambassador.

How effective are Harrelson’s products for pain relief?

Based on user reviews, Harrelson’s Own CBD products, particularly the roll-on cooling gel and spray, have provided swift relief for some users.

What are the main advantages of its products?

Harrelson’s Own CBD products are known for their affordability and the brand’s active presence on social media.

Does Harrelson’s Own CBD offer a genuine money-back guarantee?

While the brand advertises a 100% money-back guarantee, some users reported dissatisfaction due to a reprocessing fee of $7.95 for returns.

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