In this in-depth Groupcarry reviews, we’ll explore various aspects of to help you determine its authenticity. Join us as we unveil crucial information about the company, discount offers, return policy, customer complaints, and more. Stay informed and protect yourself from potential scams while shopping online. Let’s dive in!

Groupcarry Reviews: Website Overview

Groupcarry presents itself as an online shopping destination for clothing and fashion products, including Hoodies, T-Shirts, Shorts, Two Piece Sets, Accessories, and more. However, before you decide to shop here, let’s examine some alarming factors.

Groupcarry Reviews: Website Specifications

Website name Groupcarry
Website link
Contact address N/A
Contact number N/A
Products Category Tshirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts
Options for payment Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diners club
Social media links N/A

Red Flags

Company Address 

Groupcarry shop lacks transparency when it comes to providing its company address and contact phone number on its website. Legitimate companies typically offer such information to build trust with their customers. This absence of vital details raises suspicions, making it difficult to trust the authenticity of this online store.

Discount & Sales Offers

Beware of websites that offer excessively high discounts. Such lucrative deals are often used as bait by scam sites to lure unsuspecting customers. Exercise caution and conduct thorough research before purchasing based solely on attractive discounts.

Copied Content

Further investigation reveals that Groupcarry shares similarities in website themes and content with multiple problematic sites. This resemblance raises concerns about its credibility and originality.

Returns & Exchange Policy

Groupcarry’s Refund and Return Policy present unrealistic conditions for returns and exchanges. To get a refund, the customer has to send the package back to and pay for the hefty shipping cost. As a result, obtaining a full refund from such websites can be challenging due to their confusing provisions.

Groupcarry Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Based on the evidence presented, Groupcarry shop appears to be one of the suspicious websites. We advise exercising caution and refraining from making any purchases from this platform.

It is crucial to be vigilant when shopping online, especially from relatively new and unfamiliar stores. Scam sites are prevalent and often deceive unsuspecting customers with enticing discounts and false promises. Always do thorough research about a website before making any transaction.


Is a legitimate company?

The legitimacy of this website is questionable due to several concerning factors. The lack of a company address and contact information on its website raises suspicions about its transparency and trustworthiness.

Are the discount offers genuine?

Exercise caution when encountering heavily discounted offers on Groupcarry. Many scam sites use such attractive discounts to entice customers. It is advisable to research thoroughly before making any purchase solely based on these deals.

What should I do if I suspect I’ve been scammed by or any other online store?

If you suspect that you’ve been scammed by any online store, take the following steps:

  • Gather all relevant transaction details and evidence.
  • Contact your bank to report the issue and dispute the transactions.
  • File a complaint in your local consumer protection agency or the appropriate online fraud reporting authority.

Have customers faced any issues with Groupcarry shop customer support and delivery?

Yes, the site has received complaints about poor customer support and delayed deliveries. These recurring issues raise concerns about the overall shopping experience on the platform.

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