In the world of online shopping, it’s imperative to exercise caution and discernment. Fadel-Beatty Limited, a company supposedly based in Ireland, has recently gained notoriety for its association with various fraudulent websites. In this article, we delve into the details of Fadel-Beatty Limited, expose the deceptive tactics employed by scam online stores, and provide you with valuable insights on how to safeguard your hard-earned money.

Unmasking Fadel-Beatty Limited

Fadel-Beatty Limited presents itself as a company located in Ireland, but the reality is far from it. This China-based entity is at the center of a web of deceitful online stores that entice customers with alluring discounts. The stores associated with Fadel-Beatty Limited include Joelact, Loziee, Firstsupershopping, Wflathead, Anfetisk Folonas, Safausa, Traaye, Drizzles, Hanglet, Uebzffw, Storelevis, Lastrenew, Joazim.

Decoding The Company Specifications

Company Name Fadel-Beatty
Number 709295
Address 10542, Balmoral Industrial Estate, South Abbeylands, Navan Meath, Ireland, Postal Code: C15 DD72

The Fadel-Beatty Limited Reviews

Although Fadel-Beatty Limited’s website might appear legitimate, it serves as a clever facade to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Shoppers need to be vigilant when they encounter any store associated with this company to avoid wasting their money. Some victims of online stores affiliated with Fadel-Beatty Limited have even taken to TikTok to label it as a scam.

Tips To Identify A Scam Website

Seek Customer Feedback: Search for customer reviews online. If none are available, exercise caution. You may also reach out to us for verification of the store’s authenticity.

Prioritize Secure Payment Methods: Opt for secure payment gateways like PayPal, which provide added protection for buyers.

Examine the Website’s Age: Investigate the website’s history by checking its operational duration on

Evaluate the Returns and Refund Policy: Carefully review the store’s policy. If it seems unfavorable to customers or is absent altogether, it’s advisable to consider alternative shopping destinations.

Validate the Physical Address: Confirm the accuracy of the provided return address. Plug it into Google Maps to ascertain whether it represents a legitimate warehouse or a residential location.

Scrutinize Social Media Presence: Verify the functionality of the social media icons on the website. Ensure they direct you to the official social media profiles of the store.

If You’ve Been Deceived By Websites Linked To Fadel-Beatty Limited

In the unfortunate event that you’ve fallen prey to websites associated with Fadel-Beatty Limited, it’s crucial to take immediate action:

Contact Your Financial Institution

Reach out to your bank or financial institution without delay. Request the cancellation of the transaction and inquire about the possibility of initiating a chargeback to recover your funds.

Stay Wary Of Phishing Emails

Maintain a high level of vigilance regarding any suspicious emails you may receive from these websites. Refrain from clicking on any suspicious links to prevent potential malware infiltration that could compromise your device’s security.

Revise Your Passwords

Swiftly change the passwords employed on the affected website. Furthermore, if you’ve used identical credentials elsewhere, update them as well. For added security, think about activating two-factor authentication to increase your protection.

In Summary

Fadel-Beatty Limited falls significantly short of being a genuine company. Despite its assertion of being situated in Ireland, it is, in fact, an organization based in China, engaging in deceptive bait-and-switch schemes. To safeguard your interests, exercise caution and avoid any online store that associates itself with the Supic Company address. Staying well-informed and vigilant within the online shopping realm serves as your most effective shield against these deceptive practices.


Q: How can I verify if a website is legitimate?

A: Check the domain age, physical location, customer reviews, social media presence, and the returns/refund policy. Use secure payment methods for added protection.

Q: Why does Fadel-Beatty Limited claim to be based in Ireland when it’s actually in China?

A: This deceptive tactic is used to gain trust and lure unsuspecting customers. Be wary of such false claims when shopping online.

Q: Are there specific online stores I should avoid due to their association with Fadel-Beatty Limited?

A: Yes, be cautious of stores like Safausa, Traaye, Lastrenew, and others mentioned in our article.

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