Choosing custom printed coffee bags for your new line of instant coffee is an excellent way to drum up customer interest and set your company apart. However, to get the most out of the design, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest fads. Look for the following trends to make big waves in the spring of 2023.

Using Depth To Deceive The Eye

While minimalist designs have their benefits, complex illustrations can set a brand apart. One traditional art technique gaining traction is the use of depth.

“Depth” is the perception of 3D space in a 2D medium. For example, if you look at a painting, you can identify a background, midground and foreground. This dimensionality draws the eye, making it an excellent marketing tactic.

Of course, creating depth on packaging, which is itself three-dimensional, requires innovation. The following are possible techniques to achieve the desired effect:

  • Shading
  • Scale
  • Perspective

Interactive QR Code Packaging

The simplicity of QR codes allows you to share important information with customers without overcrowding your packaging. All it takes is a quick photo, and curious consumers can learn about your brand and product. For example, if you sell coffee, the QR codes on your vented coffee bags can direct buyers to the following:

  • Explanation of how venting benefits coffee storage and how to use the bag correctly
  • History of the company, including where the coffee beans come from
  • Recipes that use coffee, such as tiramisu, pulled pork or mocha butter frosting

You can also use QR codes to build a social media following. A good approach is to link to your company’s official social media account and offer a perk for following, commenting or posting with a specific hashtag.

Wacky & Minimalist Cartoons

Detailed illustrations get attention, but the other end of the spectrum can also make your product stand out. In fact, they may be more appropriate if your brand is laid-back, open and straightforward.

Minimalism means a limited color palette, clean lines and lots of empty space. Every feature has a big impact because there are so few elements overall. Many brands limit their designs to fonts or geometric shapes, but you don’t have to stick to such a narrow definition.

Brands have used cartoons for hundreds of years to great effect. You can combine minimalism and cartoons to create wacky and delightful results. The obvious fun printed on your bag or can will pop against a shelf full of drab, black-and-white labels.

Wrap-Around Patterns

The best packaging beckons consumers to handle and explore a product. Wrap-around patterns excel at this, as the looping design encourages the eye to follow. While these patterns appear most seamless on cans and bottles, they can still work on boxes and bags.

This spring, go bold with your packaging — try a new typeface, incorporate emerging technology or lean into environmental friendliness. Consumers take note when brands switch things up, giving you the opportunity to expand your base. Whether you utilize PCR material in your latest bags or revamp your color palette, a go-big-or-go-home approach to design is sure to create a lasting impression.

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