Eunsetw is an online platform where you can buy various household products at very affordable prices. The website went viral due to its low prices, but many users reported its poor customer support and prolonged delivery time. To better understand the situation, we visited the website ourselves to determine its legitimacy. In this in-depth review of Eunsetw we will thoroughly discuss different aspects of the website so that our readers can decide whether they can trust

What Is

Eunsetw .com is an online store that sells various products like self-watering planter boxes, raised garden beds, mechanical tools, computerized quilting and sewing machine, foldable treadmill, electric bike, chicken coops, electric scooters, etc.

Website Specifications

Domain name
Website name Eunsetw
Parent Company Name Address:  Supic Company Limited, 
Parent Company Address:  297 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TQ, United Kingdom
Email info@noffend .com
Company Number 12550956

Red Flags Of Eunsetw .com

While browsing through the website for our blog, we came across many red flags of the website, and we have listed them below.

Suspicious Parent Company

Eunsetw is connected to Supic Company Limited, which is a shell company associated with a lot of other suspicious websites.

Fake McAfee Trust Seal

Eunsetw uses fake McAfee trust seals on its product page to make the website look more secure. It’s a deceiving and misleading practice, and you should avoid falling for this trick.


The website’s content is highly plagiarized from other scam websites and even uses the same product images and website themes.

Lack Of Social Media Presence does not have accounts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. On their social media tab, they only have a link to sign up for their newsletter. This lack of social media presence is a red flag for an online business like Eunsetw.

Customer Complaints 

Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction regarding the customer support, prolonged delivery time, and after-sale service of

Heavy Discounts

Heavy discounts are the most apparent way of recognizing a scam website. Websites like use these high discounts as bait for gullible customers.

Conclusion is a scam- you should avoid sharing your personal information and purchasing anything from the online store. To protect yourself from scam websites, you should always look out for red flags that we have listed above and do proper research about the website before proceeding with any transaction.


Why is categorized as a scam website?

The website is categorized as a scam website as it follows very suspicious practices like using fake trust seals and giving unrealistic discounts. Many customers have also expressed their complaints about the website on different platforms.

Is it safe to make purchases from

No, we do not recommend making purchases from as the website is very unsafe and exhibits multiple red flags.

What should I do if I have already made a purchase from a scam site like

You should immediately contact your bank to secure your account information and file a dispute against the transaction to the scam website.

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