Having the right equipment can make or break your farming endeavors. From mowing an acre or two to cultivating soil and spreading fertilizer, these essential tools can help your farm run smoothly.

These machines reshape sheared hay, straw, cotton, and silage into rectangular or cylindrical bales bound by twine, straps, nets, or wire. They are tractor-towed and come in several sizes.


A tractor is one of the most essential agricultural tools for farmers. It allows them to pull a variety of attachments and complete tasks that would be nearly impossible with only human power.

A tractor is necessary for plowing, harrowing, sowing, and cultivating the land to prepare it for crop planting. A plow attaches to the tractor and uses long blades to loosen and turn soil.

Pickup Truck

A pickup truck is one of the most important tools a farmer needs. It can haul equipment and livestock trailers and provide space for storage solutions like toolboxes or service bodies.

A tree shaker vehicle is another essential agricultural tool for farms producing nuts or fruit types. This is a special vehicle that works much like a forklift on a larger scale to shake the trees and harvest their contents.


A trailer is a specialized equipment transporting agricultural products and livestock between farming locations. These trailers can be towed by a tractor and are available in several different types.

Grain trailers are specialized for transporting grain in bulk from farms to processing plants. Tank trailers are primarily used to transport liquids, including water and fertilizers. Hay trailers are flatbeds that are equipped with high-side rails or cages for the transport of hay bales.


Harrows are an important farm equipment that helps prepare a field for planting. They break up soil clods and surface crusts, improve aeration, and create an even seedbed for planting.

A disc harrow is an ideal piece of tillage machinery for breaking up compacted soils and removing weeds. These implements also aerate the ground to help reduce disease and promote growth.


Whether farming berries, vegetables, or livestock, a seeder can help you produce more in less time. It’s one of the most essential agricultural tools for every farmer.

Harrows are important tractor attachments that smooth out the soil after plowing it. They can also be used to weed and spread fertilizer.

A box blade is another helpful tool for grading and leveling ground on your farm or acreage. It can also dig post holes and make short work of a fence project.

Crate Scale

Agricultural weighing scales are important for farmers because they help them monitor crop yields. This way, they can determine how much water, seeds, fertilizer and other farming essentials are needed to grow a healthy crop.

These scales also play an important role in animal husbandry. They allow farmers to accurately measure the weight of their livestock so that they can feed them accordingly.


Fencing is a must-have for farms of all sizes. It keeps animals in place, delineates property lines and helps prevent predators from getting too close to crops.

It also allows farmers to efficiently organize their farms by separating grazing areas from production spaces, creating a more organized workflow. A post-hole digger is helpful as it cuts down on the time spent digging holes for fence posts.


A dibber is a hand tool that creates holes in the soil to plant seeds. Dibbers can be made from wood or metal and come in various sizes. Some dibbers are shaped like a T, while others have a handlebar across the top with finger-holding grooves. Dibbers should be coated with linseed oil to protect them from moisture.

A dibber is a handy tool that can help you with many tasks on your farm. It is an essential agricultural tool that every farmer should own.

Hand Tiller

A hand tiller is a tool to break up soil clods and prepare them for planting. This long-handled tiller makes it easy to use while standing and saves you from sore knees and arms.

A box blade is an important tool for a farmer as it allows you to build paths on your acreage, terrace your fields, and level out dirt. It also helps with landscaping projects around your home or barn.

Seed Spreader

A fertilizer spreader is a must for farmers. It allows them to easily and accurately distribute dry fertilizer across their fields. It also helps ensure that the fertilizer is applied evenly and consistently.

Most importantly, the precision spreader is easy to operate. This is important for a conservative patriarchal society like Nepal, where women often have difficulty operating heavy agricultural machinery.

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