For anyone who’s ever battled with mosquitoes and bugs in their living space, the Electrizap mosquito killer may seem like a promising solution. This review will discuss Electrizap, an electric mosquito killer that utilizes a high-voltage grid and UV light to lure and eliminate insects. While it may offer an eco-friendly and chemical-free alternative, the question remains: does Electrizap truly live up to its claims of being a mosquito assassin? We’ve put it to the test to find out.

What Is Electrizap?

Electrizap, previously known as ‘Blitzy Bug’ and ‘Fuzebug,’ is a compact and portable electric mosquito killer. It relies on UV light to attract mosquitoes and other insects and then dispatches them with a high-voltage grid. This device offers a chemical-free approach to pest control, making it an appealing choice for those who prefer eco-friendly solutions.

Our Electrizap Test On The Porch

To gauge Electrizap’s effectiveness, we conducted a 10-hour test on a porch notorious for its mosquito and bug infestation. Here are our findings:

Mixed Results: Electrizap attracted mosquitoes, moths, and other bugs. However, it was more successful in catching moths and bugs than mosquitoes. Notably, not all insects that gathered around the UV/LED source were eliminated; some managed to escape.

Surviving Insects: Upon disassembling the bottom of the Electrizap after the test, we observed that many insects were still alive and able to fly away.

ElectriZap Mosquito Zapper – Does It Kill Only Mosquitoes?

No, Electrizap is not limited to killing mosquitoes. While its name suggests mosquito-killing capabilities, it functions as a bug zapper, targeting a range of flying insects. Keep in mind that various insects are attracted to light, not just mosquitoes or bugs, making this device versatile in pest control.

Pros & Cons Of Electrizap


Noiseless Operation: Unlike some pest control devices, Electrizap operates silently.

Odorless and Safe: It doesn’t emit any odors and is safe for indoor use.


Limited Mosquito Killing: Electrizap’s efficiency in eliminating mosquitoes is debatable, as it primarily attracts and zaps other flying insects.

Short Battery Life: The battery of the device can only last for six hours, which may not be enough for using it overnight.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Electrizap

Before investing in Electrizap mosquito zapper, it’s crucial to consider the following:

Efficacy Debate: Researchers debate the efficacy of bug zappers like Electrizap when it comes to eliminating mosquitoes. While they attract insects using UV light, studies suggest that mosquitoes are not primarily drawn to UV light for navigation. Instead, traps using carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor may be more effective for mosquito control.

Research Findings: A study conducted by the University of Delaware tracked bug zappers and found that of the 13,789 insects killed, only 31 were biting flies, including mosquitoes. This accounts for a mere 0.22 percent of the insects caught, leading the study authors to conclude that bug zappers are largely ineffective for reducing mosquito populations.

Summing It Up

Electrizap presents a viable solution for those looking to eliminate bugs and insects from their living spaces. However, its efficacy in mosquito control remains debatable. If you’re primarily dealing with a mosquito problem, you may want to explore alternative pest control methods that specifically target these pesky insects. Electrizap serves as a versatile bug zapper but may not be the ultimate solution for mosquito-heavy areas.

In conclusion, Electrizap shines in some aspects of pest control but falls short in others. Before making a decision, it’s essential to weigh your specific pest problems and preferences to determine if Electrizap is the right fit for your needs.


Is Electrizap mosquito killer safe for indoor use?

Yes, this is safe for indoor use. It operates noiselessly and does not emit any odors, making it a convenient choice for indoor pest control.

How long does the battery of Electrizap last?

The battery of this mosquito killer has a relatively short lifespan, lasting for approximately six hours. This may not be sufficient for overnight use, so users should plan accordingly.

Can Electrizap effectively eliminate mosquitoes?

While this has been designed to attract and eliminate mosquitoes, its efficacy in mosquito control is debatable. It primarily attracts and zaps other flying insects, and studies suggest that mosquitoes are not primarily drawn to UV light for navigation. Users dealing with severe mosquito problems may want to explore alternative pest control methods.

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