Steel buildings have been around for a long time. In the past, they were used mostly as warehouses and factories. However, they’ve become much more popular nowadays due to their many advantages over other building materials such as wood or concrete. Steel buildings, like those manufactured by Wedgcor Buildings, amongst others, are the perfect choice for industrial, commercial, and agricultural uses. Here are some of the most common applications of steel buildings:

Garages & Workshops

Metal buildings are typically used for garages and workshops. Steel garage kits have many benefits over other types of structures because they are easy to build, require little maintenance, and can be customized according to your specific needs.

They’re an excellent option for motorcycle mavericks who want a secure place to store their bikes or hobbyists who want a workshop for their side jobs. You may want an outdoor storage unit, so you don’t have to worry about the elements damaging your vehicle or equipment when it’s not in use; steel buildings provide this security without taking up too much space.

They’re also ideal if you need extra space around your home but don’t want to spend money on building additions like attics or garages. Construction projects often come with high costs that eat up funds quickly before they even begin!


Steel warehouses are flexible, durable, cost-effective storage and distribution solutions. They can be built in various sizes and shapes to accommodate any product or service. They are often used for agricultural products, food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. These warehouses can also be built on concrete slabs, with only the flooring constructed out of steel.

Sporting Arenas

Sporting arenas are another type of building that uses steel construction. Sports stadiums, hockey rinks, and basketball courts are all examples of sporting arenas where you can enjoy the thrill of being part of a game or event. Steel buildings also allow architects to design these structures to provide amenities for spectators, such as restaurants, concession stands, bathrooms, etc.

Office Buildings

Steel buildings are ideal for office space because they are energy efficient and can be built quickly. Steel framing is also lightweight, meaning they need less material to build than other types of construction. This makes them more cost-effective, as well as reduces the environmental impact of construction.

In addition to saving time and money while being environmentally friendly, steel buildings can also be designed to look like any other type of building in your community. A metal building company will work with you to design an office space that matches your needs and preferences in terms of aesthetics and function.

Airplane Hangars

Steel airplane hangars are used to store and protect aircraft. They are typically located in airports or military bases. They can be used to house planes, helicopters, or other aircraft.


Steel buildings are an excellent option for all kinds of different applications. It is an incredibly solid material and can be used in different ways, making it ideal for many structures. You can easily find steel garage kits manufacturers online and get the desired building. Several applications might still need to be added to this list; the possibilities are endless when it comes to using steel in construction!

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