Within the wide landscape of online shopping, discovering favorable deals can be alluring, but a prudent approach is crucial. Daynear presents itself as an online store offering a variety of Jordan sneakers and other products at unbelievably low prices. However, before you consider making a purchase from this website, it’s crucial to delve into Daynear reviews to understand the potential risks. In this comprehensive article, we’ll expose the reasons why this platform is not a legitimate online store and why you should steer clear of it.

Is Daynear.com Legit? Assessing Daynear Reviews

Let’s cut to the chase—Daynear.com is far from being a genuine online store. It raises numerous red flags, and here’s why you should practice extreme caution when dealing with this website.

Reasons To Beware Of Daynear

1. Complaints

Numerous customers who have ventured into shopping on Daynear.com have shared their bitter experiences. Many complain that the store fails to send confirmation emails or tracking information after accepting payments from their credit cards. The lack of communication and transparency is a glaring issue, leaving customers frustrated and concerned about whether is Daynear.com legit.

“This appears to be a complete scam. My attempts to contact them via email were ignored, despite sending three emails. The provided phone number was non-functional, and they refused to refund my money. Once I recognized that this was a fraudulent website, I took immediate action by contacting my Apple credit card company to flag it as a scam. My initial suspicions arose when I noticed that the item I was purchasing was priced at nearly 10% of its market value. It became clear that the unbelievably low price was a bait-and-switch tactic.”

2. Misleading Business Address

Daynear.com claims to have its office or warehouse located at 5065 Main St, Trumbull, CT 06611, United States. However, this address is nothing but a facade. Upon investigation, it became evident that there is no office or store associated with ‘Daynear’ at this location. Such misrepresentation raises concerns about the credibility of the website.

3. Lack Of Customer Support

A functional and responsive customer support system is crucial for any online store. Unfortunately, Daynear lacks this essential element. The provided email address, aftersalesservice531@outlook.com, is non-functional, and attempts to contact customer support have been futile. Additionally, the listed telephone number is not associated with the website but with an unrelated Jordan shoes store. This absence of reliable customer support further erodes trust in the site.

4. Deceptive Discounts

It lures customers in with prices that seem too good to be true. While enticing, such deep discounts are often indicative of a scam. Legitimate stores do not offer products at prices significantly lower than market rates. This pricing strategy is employed to bait unsuspecting buyers.

5. Security Concerns

Ensuring the security of personal and financial data is paramount for online stores. Unfortunately, Daynear falls short in this regard. The website lacks security measures such as McAfee or Norton certification, making it vulnerable to potential hackers who could compromise customer data.

Conclusion: Is Daynear.com Legit?

To conclude our Daynear reviews, we can say that it is a deceptive online store specializing in Jordan shoes. While its unbelievably low prices might initially seem appealing, this website is, without a doubt, a scam. The numerous red flags, including customer complaints, a fake business address, non-functional customer support, unrealistic discounts, and poor security, all point to its illegitimacy. Shopping on Daynear is a risky venture, and there’s a high likelihood that you won’t receive the products you order.

Exercise caution when shopping online, and always prioritize your online security and financial well-being to avoid falling victim to deceptive schemes like Daynear.com.


Is Daynear.com legit online store for Jordan shoes?

No, it raises numerous red flags and is considered a scam.

What measures can I take to safeguard myself from online scams similar to Daynear.com?

To protect yourself, research the website, avoid unbelievably low prices, verify contact information, and prioritize online security.

What should I do if I’ve been scammed by an online stores like this one?

If you’ve been scammed, take immediate action by contacting your credit card company to report the scam and protect your financial interests.

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