Are you curious about the legitimacy of Look no further! This Cubicbee reviews delves into the truth about this e-commerce store offering a wide array of products. With claims of quality items and free shipping, we leave no stone unturned in examining its website details, return policy, pros and cons, potential red flags, and ultimately providing you with an unbiased verdict. 

Get ready for an honest and thorough evaluation of Cubicbee to determine if its a legitimate platform or a potential scam.

Cubicbee: Exploring The Key Aspects

Wide Range Of Products

  • Extensive collection of products, with a focus on ladies’ shapewear and essential items.
  • Diverse options cater to various needs and preferences, ensuring a wide selection for customers.

Convenient Return Policy

  • Customers can initiate returns within 3 days after delivery.
  • The return window is extended to 30 days after shipment for orders that have untraceable delivery dates.
  • Customers in Brazil/Russia enjoy an extended return period of 40 days.

Free Express Shipping

  • Orders exceeding $59.99 are eligible for free express shipping.
  • A cost-effective feature that appeals to budget-conscious shoppers.

Reliable Contact Information

  • Customer support available via email at
  • Transparent identification of the company as Bin Estrella GmbH.
  • Valid contact address provided: Pallaswiesenstraβe 180, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany.

Secure Payment Options

  • Acceptance of secure payment methods like PayPal and Mastercard.
  • Ensures a smooth and secure checkout experience for customers.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction through diverse product offerings, flexible return policy, free express shipping, reliable contact information, and secure payment options.
  • Focus on enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

Cubicbee Reviews: Summarizing Pros & Cons

To provide a balanced perspective, let’s explore the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Wide range of products available. Lack of information about the brand owner and company origin.
Secure website with a detailed privacy policy. Limited details regarding product specifications.
Free express shipping on orders over $59.99. Absence of social media presence.
Accepts PayPal and Mastercard for secure payments. Relatively new domain with a low trust score.
Plagiarized website content.
Low trust score of 1%.

Red Flags: Signals to Be Wary Of

During our thorough examination of Cubicbee reviews, we came across several indicators that should be approached with caution. These red flags serve as warning signs and require careful consideration before engaging with the store:

New Website: Cubicbee’s website was registered relatively recently, on 2021-07-03. When a young website offers substantial discounts, it raises concerns about the sustainability and reliability of the business.

Low Trust Score: Regrettably, the website currently holds a trust score of only 1%. Such a low score suggests potential credibility issues that should not be overlooked.

Content Duplication: The presence of duplicate content on the website is cause for concern, as it may indicate a lack of originality and authenticity.

Unrealistic Deals: Some of the deals presented on Cubicbee’s platform may appear too good to be true. Such offers can trigger suspicions of potential scams or deceptive practices.

Questionable Business Address: It is advisable to verify the provided business address, as there is a possibility that it may not be genuine or accurate.

Lack of Social Media Presence: In today’s digital era, the absence of official social media accounts raises doubts about the credibility and seriousness of the business.

Final Word

As per our Cubicbee reviews, the store presents a wide range of products, particularly focusing on ladies’ shapewear and essential items. With a customer-friendly return policy, free express shipping on eligible orders, reliable contact information, and secure payment options, Cubicbee aims to prioritize customer satisfaction. While taking into consideration the identified pros and cons, it is recommended to approach cautiously and conduct further research before making a purchase.


Is Cubicbee a legitimate online store?

Approach the website with caution and conduct thorough research before making a purchase.

Are there any social media accounts for Cubicbee?

Cubicbee does not have a presence on social media platforms.

What payment methods does Cubicbee accept?

It accepts PayPal and Mastercard as secure payment options.

How long has Cubicbee been in operation?

The website was registered on 2021-07-03.

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