Are you considering making a purchase from and wondering if it’s a trustworthy company or a potential scam? This reviews guide aims to provide essential information to help you decide. From the website’s domain details to the products it offers, we’ll delve into various aspects to give you a comprehensive overview. Stay tuned for insights into’s features, positive aspects, and potential concerns. An Overview

Charlote stands as an enticing online shopping destination, captivating visitors with its diverse array of products. From the allure of Hot Sale items to the sophistication of Table Lamps, the warmth of Floor Lamps, the whimsy of Animal Lamps, the elegance of Ceiling Lamps, to the artistic touch of Glass Panels, invites customers into a world of aesthetic delights.

Let’s focus on other aspects of the Charlote store, exploring what it claims to offer:

Website Highlights Details
Domain name
Website name Charlote
Contact Phone Number 442392160686
Parent Company Ansky Company Limited, 103 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TL, United Kingdom
Company Number 11736740
Product Categories Hot Sale, Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, Animal Lamp, Ceiling Lamp, Glass Panels
Products Antique Style Exotic Birds Accent Lamp, Vivid Bird Crane Leadlight Art Deco Stained Glass Accent Lamp, Large 18″ Amazing Rose Flower Leaf with Lighted Base, and more. Reviews: An Analysis Of Positive Aspects & Red Flags

Positive Aspects:

Diverse Product Range: Charlote store offers a wide array of unique and aesthetically pleasing products, featuring antique-style lamps and decorative items.

Comprehensive Information: The website provides detailed information about its parent company, enhancing transparency and building trust.

Clear Contact Details: Charlote displays clear contact details, including email and phone number, facilitating communication with customers.

Varied Product Categories: The website organizes products into various categories, making it easy for customers to explore and find what they need.

User-Friendly Interface: Charlote boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless and convenient navigation experience for visitors.

Concerns & Red Flags:

Contact Information: Charlote’s association with Ansky Company Limited, known for connections with problematic websites, raises concerns about its credibility.

Discount and Sales Offers: Unrealistic discounts on products can be a red flag, questioning the legitimacy of Charlote.

Copied Content: Similarities in website theme and content with known scam websites may raise doubts about Charlote’s legitimacy.

Social Media Presence: The absence of functional social media icons raises concerns about authenticity, as legitimate stores typically engage with customers through social platforms.

Customer Complaints and Delivery: Reports of unfavorable feedback regarding delivery times and customer support from similar online stores cast a shadow on it’s reliability. Final Words

In weighing the positives and negatives, this store presents an intriguing selection of products with detailed information. However, concerns about its association with problematic parent companies, discount strategies, copied content, and a lack of social media engagement raise caution. It is recommended to exercise prudence when considering a purchase from Charlote, and thorough research is advised.


What products does offer?

It offers a variety of products, including table lamps, floor lamps, animal lamps, ceiling lamps, and glass panels.

Does Charlote have a social media presence?

The absence of functional social media icons raises concerns about authenticity. Legitimate stores usually engage with customers through social platforms.

What should I do if I have concerns about a purchase from Charlote?

If you have concerns about a purchase from this store, consider reaching out to your bank or credit card company to secure your information and assess the situation.

Can Charlote change its details in the future?

Yes, fraudulent websites often change details to avoid detection. Stay vigilant and conduct research based on the latest information available.

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